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Kabar USA Black Tanto 1245 Knife Review | OsoGrandeKnives

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Kabar 1245 USA Black Tanto, ComboEdge, Kydex Sheath. The Ka-Bar Black Tanto is a large tactical fixed blade knife with an 8″ tanto blade of 1095 Cro-Van steel (partially serrated) with a black finish. It has rugged cutting power combined with an excellent penetration performance and has proven itself as a very popular tactical knife with Law Enforcement agencies & Military units.
The Kraton handle is ergonomically shaped and ribbed an excellent grip. Includes a hard plastic sheath which is resistant to salt water and provides a hard surface which protects during rough use. It offers multiple lashing ports allowing for mounting in several positions including inverted. Sheath features a snap-in guard ridge and heavy duty handle snap closure for added security.carry.


Overall: 12.875″
Blade: 8″
Steel: 1095 Cro-Van
Weight: .75 lb.
Shape: Tanto
Grind: Hollow
Stamp: USA
Edge Angle: 20 Degrees
Handle Material: Kraton G
Knife Made in USA, Plastic Sheath Made in Taiwan

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15 replies on “Kabar USA Black Tanto 1245 Knife Review | OsoGrandeKnives”

I first bought this knife as a joke, figured it would be terrible

Years later, I still carry daily and abuse the shit out of it, only a tiny chip close to the serrations but hasn't slowed down the thing. she's a sexy thing

can anybody tell me if the handle of this knife is the same size / circumference as the handle on the basic kabar 1213 knife ?

Does anyone know if these blades are also supposed to be sharp on that top section? Has anyone tried?

I have one of those. I like it better than the USMC knife. I have both. This knife has become my baby. I keep it by my bed I like it so much.

Even though that knife is ridiculously long for EDC carry the sheath presents so many ways of carrying it. Just run a few zip ties through it and you can carry it upside down sideway diagonally etc. I wear mine upside down with a coat and you really have to be looking to spot it.

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I love this knife. I live in Reno Nevada, which can be a little sketchy and unsafe, so if I go out walking after dark I take this with me and it's an instantly recognizable killing apparatus. It's not quite the same feeling as carrying a gun, but it's close. This is the gun of knives.

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