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Ka Bar D2 Extreme Fighting Knife Review | KnifeHog

KnifeHog’s Addison reviews the D2 Extreme Fighting Knife from Ka Bar. See what she has to say about this heavy duty combat knife.
Rating: 5 stars

Hey guys! Welcome back to! Addison here and today I’ll be reviewing the Ka Bar D2 Extreme Fighting Knife model 1282.

Believed to be the first fixed blade production knife constructed of D2 tool steel, the Ka Bar Extreme Fighting knife serves as the ultimate military tool. With an overall length of 11 ⅞”, a blade measuring 7” and weighing in at .78 pounds, this knife is one heavy-duty combat tool. The blade of this knife is constructed of a tough D2 tool steel, which is an upgrade from Ka Bar’s well known steel of choice, 1095HC, and features a plain blade grind with 2” serrations at its base. A black coating has also been fitted on this knife for not only tactical advantages but also protection from the elements. The blade of this knife is so tough and sharp that you could use it to cut and slice through just about anything from thick wood to thin metal wire. The clip point tip of the blade also makes it great for performing precision cuts. The handle of this knife is composed of a textured Kraton material that provides your hand with an excellent grip. The handle of this knife also features a generous finger guard that protects your fingers from slipping up toward the blade while delivering forceful cuts. The steel butt cap fitted at the end of the handle also works great for battoning wood and other tough materials. A Kydex sheath comes, which features a nylon belt attachment so you can easily carry this knife on your leg or pack, comes included with this knife.

Overall, the Ka Bar D2 Extreme Fighting knife is the ideal fixed blade military and combat tool. Its upgraded blade steel, large cutting edge, textured handle and intimidating size make this the knife you would want with you in combat or even on an outdoor excursion. Honestly, there is not one bad thing I have to say about this knife and highly recommend it to those of you who are looking for a heavy-duty and reliable fixed blade tactical or combat knife. In my opinion, if this knife is not already a standard issue military weapon it ought to be!

We here at KnifeHog give this knife a perfect score of 5 out of 5 stars.

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Great review. Just received my KA-BAR D2. Love it. Just ordered the additional mounting system that works with the provided KA-BAR sheath which allows multiple position carrying, from vertical to horizontal.

I'm pretty sure my ex who I am convinced is a heropin addict could perform better in front of a camera. God damn is the audio horrible and her interest in the product is terrible.

I learned nothing.

it's about time that way-too-upright clip is redesigned and just droped a bit, so it's on same axis with handle…..

The guard is too small. If actually used for fighting, the user would leave their own blood on the blade.

D2 is a drawback yes it holds an edge for a long time but its not easy putting it back on that's why its not standard issue in the armed forces

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