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Gil Hibben IV Machete Knife Review and Test

Review and test for the Gil Hibben IV Machete / Knife as seen in Rambo. Hope you enjoy and thanks for watching.

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I don't know why, but can't help typing this: Let Doug Macaida test it …. "Your knife….will Kutt" 💖.
Your knife inspires haha.

Привет иностранный друг!
Посмотри видеоролик как из рессоры делают и применяют мачете в России русские мужики 😉

I did a video of my upgrade .
I actually broke it ( hit a boulder by accident and took a nice chip out of Blade ).
My buddy fixed it and now it’s better than when I first bought it .
Got a nice convex edge now .
Thanks for showing and Happy Holidays ❤️🤠🔪

Finally, someone actually running one of these blades through the wringer!!!  I would have liked to have seen some batoning and cutting though a knot, but this was better than 90% of the knife reviews on YouTube.  Thanks!

Fine QUALITY better than 99% of Rambo 4 replica knives. Hibben hit the nail on the head with this design.

I just subscribed!! Awesome video !!
Check out my newest video “ Gil Hibben Bobble Head show “.
It’s goofy but all in good fun !!
Thanks a bunch !!

Very good quality machette , from the Rambo movie definitely a good useful product. Heavy duty one.

That s absolute garbadge a small hatchet will walk all over that shit and not tire u as much as that did u was not able to take down a small rotten tree but not all know how to use a hatchet

Рубить дерево надо наискось , по срезу волокон !

I'm desperate to get one of these for my collection, but i can't find anywhere in the UK that sells it….where did you get yours please?

My wife got me one of those for Christmas. It's twice as thick and heavy as I thought. It's like an axe in the shape of a knife. It's definitely not a wall hanger. This thing is designed to be used.

Thats a really nice knife and video and i want to know if you could please check out my YouTube channel

Very nice Stu, that's a beast, I have always liked the look of those and would have had one if i still bought lots, great review and demo mate.

That's a brilliant little machete! I love it! It's almost an axe. I don't think I would be able to break that one. Thanks for the review.
Cheers from USA!

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