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Eickhorn KM 2000 Plain Edge knife review

The content of Eickhorn KM 2000 Plain Edge knife review:

Hello and welcome to this video review about Eickhorn combat knife. This knife is called KM 2000 with the plain blade. KM stand for Kampfmesser in German and that means combat knife. It is made by famous company Eickhorn in Solingen in Germany. Solingen is as you probably know one of the most famous cities for knife making in the world and definitely the most famous city for knives in Germany. Eickhorn is also very renowned company, which produce mostly tactical, military, police knives and also professional rescue knives.

KM 2000 Plain is a new model of Eickhorn series, and is already used by German Arm forces; it is a tactical professional knife. If we look, what we get; we get a sheath, which is appropriate for any kind of fastening to your equipment, or to your clothes. It complies with all US MOLLE standard, or German IDZ standard for carrying. It has a safety. The actual material used for the sheath is a reinforced polymer or actually reinforced nylon. On some parts it is made of metal.

Now we can see the knife itself. The knife is 30.0 cm long, the blade is a little more than 17.0 cm, and it is really massive; you can see the thickness is about 5.0 mm. It is a full-tang design; you can see the blade tang goes to the end of the handle. It is really robust professional knife. It gives you great confidence, while use, because it offers great grip, and you know it is almost understandable. It is a non-typical Tanto blade design, with really straight edges everywhere. You can also see the model name, written on it, Made in Germany, and Solingen logo.

The handle is made of fiber-glass reinforce polymer, it also have a cross-guard, and a pattern for better grip, when it is wet, a sling hole, and a thumb rest. You can see also nice design feature here for resting your thumb on it. The blade material is Böhler N690 stainless steel, which is coated with black Kalgard coating. The steel is high quality and this coating is also great, that the knife does not shines. The weight of the knife is about 330 grams; it is quite a heavy knife. But it should be; it is made for professional use.

If we make a short summary, this is a professional tactical knife made by Eickhorn in Solingen in Germany. It is called KM, as combat knife 2000, and it is really massive and robust. Thank you for watching. For any additional information, you can click the link bellow beneath this video.

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I want one of these knives, but when I look at them. I am almost afraid to buy one. They are all over Ebay with prices from 130-270 dollars some are called KM-2000 Some are KM-2000 BW, some have different numbers on the blade…. IDK how to tell for sure that I am getting the real deal.

I don't know if my english is too bad to understand that but the logo is the logo of Eickhorn because the name of the company the rival from Eichhörnchen or in English squirrel

these knives are designed to be mounted on Canadian made C7A2 assault rifles too and the CAF issue comes with wirecutters :p I have one myself

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