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Condor Moonshiner Knife Review

This is a review of the Condor Mooshiner Knife.

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11 replies on “Condor Moonshiner Knife Review”

Mine arrived last week. I agree with everything you said in your review. It amazes me the quality of this knife you get along with the high quality leather sheath you get for an amazing price! I have paid double and in some cases triple the cost of this package on other knives which are of equal quality to this knife.

I am impressed with Condor's high quality to pay ratio that I plan to purchase more of their products.

Got one of these in today. Very impressive quality and value. Arrived almost razor sharp. The leather in the sheathe is just terrific too.

If you had to choose between the Condor Moonshiner, or the Condor Dundee bowie, which one would you choose?  Its my dilemma right now.  I do a lot of bear baiting, and need a good strong fixed blade for a backup.  Subbed and liked your vids man.

dude i needed this vid , thanks for clearing my options , im definitely getting it , keep up the great work bud

I love that knife its amazing and the sheath is worth the price alone and I agree the dangler is an A+ in my book. I've watched a ton of blade reviews and I would have to say that the Moonshiner is the most underrated and overlooked knife on YT.
I gotta get me one;) I really want a Becker bk10 but the price on the Condor Moonshiner for what you get and what you can do with it out ways my wants LOL
Another cool thing would be to force a patina on that puppy, man that thing would look awesome and totally oldschool.

just ordered this knife and planning on in some fashion making scales grippier . maybe filing grooves in with round or triangle files . or using wood burner . or using hand saw to cut in shallow grooves . or sanding then applying polyurathane and while still wet sprinkling on fine sand / silica , after drying adding finish coat . not sure just thinking it over and wondering if anybody has any input or links to examples . also on sheath is there something people apply to prevent it from getting to soft ? ide like applying something inside and out to seal it plus keep it stiff . thanx for vid jp !

Nice review ,think i'll get this knife,take care ,keep the reviews coming !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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