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The Micho Knives ‘Damascus Heritage’ Knife: A Quick Shabazz Review

Today, we’ll take a look at a knife that is absolutely art, absolutely expensive, and absolutely excellent, the Micho Knives ‘Damascus Heritage’ fixed blade knife.

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17 replies on “The Micho Knives ‘Damascus Heritage’ Knife: A Quick Shabazz Review”

It's a knife and a portable Rorschach test.

Looking at that blade, I think I see my mother standing on her head wearing a hat

Thumbs up for stepping out of your usual milieu. I've got some damascus fixed blades, and many with horn handles, but none as fancy as this.

Damascus is nice to get at first but you get tired of it really quickly. You start inspecting it and being like “rust? No just smudge? Maybe just a part of the pattern I didn’t notice?”. Not to mention it draws more attention than that bright yellow azula from TOPS. Not something you want when you just need to cut something for someone.

This is one of the most beautiful knives I've ever seen. If someone stabbed me with this knife, I would probaby thank them for the opportunity!

I love that you are starting fixed blade reviews but it would be even better if you would do more in the realm of reality. This is a beautiful piece of art, I can't deny.

I like the nice almost understated sheet and then you pull out the knife… And OMG its beautiful!

I like a bit of buffalo horn. You can’t beat a big hunk of natural materials. I’ve a set of Barlows by one maker in buffalo horn, rams horn and mother of pearl… just stunning! This is a lovely knife. If I still lived in an age when carrying a knife for personal defence was still a thing, this would be a great smart dress carry… I’d want a more showy sheath though.

It would be interesting if you could review some popular smaller fixed blade knives, (ie. Esee Izula, or the Bradford Guardian 3,.or the White River Caper).

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