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Ruger LCP Custom .380 CCW EDC Pistol—Full Review

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17 replies on “Ruger LCP Custom .380 CCW EDC Pistol—Full Review”

I have both the lcp11 and lcp custom. When I stage the trigger on the double action custom, it's almost as accurate as the lcp 11..
I prefer the custom for pocket carry due to it's safety DA trigger!
Great shooting!

Really well made video! You never mention any finger discomfort with trigger slap/sting which the original lcp could have.
I know the lcp 2 is out now but the custom seems to be more affordable. Thanks for this fine video.

Love this gun. Bought it 1 month ago and put 100 rounds through. Not one misfire! This gun has very little kickback.

Sights are a bit too high on Custom, Snag on my pockets. I prefer the newer standard model which has a reworked trigger and slightly higher sights than original version.

I don't know why, but I bought a Ruger LCP about 7 months ago. Took it to the range, and it broke an internal spring at shot #11. Carry the Glock 42 off duty and it will eat anything I give it. I use it as a vest gun. Tula ammo works great on the range.

Online rumors being that they are phasing the LCP out with fire sales, supposedly introducing a striker fired version in the near future.

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