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My Everyday Carry (EDC) Hat | Notch Gear — Rapid-Fire Review

My most asked question when it comes to my Everyday Carry (EDC) gear is where I got my hat? Take a look at this video and check out the links below!

My hats:
Mandrake Hat:
Neon Hat:
Operator Hat:

From the manufacturer:

One of the weaknesses of traditional headwear is that it doesn’t permit you to wear a hat and a pair of sunglasses the way you want to because the brim of the hat always interferes with the rims of your sunglasses. You can’t pull the hat down as far as you would like to. Until now, there wasn’t a better alternative than just putting up with the push and shove match between your hat and sunglasses. We took a very common problem and came up with the most practical, attractive solution possible. Our patented technology effectively eliminates the interference that commonly occurs between your hat and your sunglasses. It works with most wrap-around style sunglasses, shooting glasses and safety glasses. The war between your hat and sunglasses is over.



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I wouldn't buy these….the owner is gulliable and delusional….why should anyone think anything in the immoral bible is worth listening to…

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