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Benchmade Mini Bugout ~ 533BK-1

Check out the new mini Bugout from Benchmade in true storm trooper styling in that crisp white & black!

See the size comparisons and let me know if these minis are for you!

Specialized Hardware for your knives from xxxadrenalinxxx:

Thank you for all your support and feedback!

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29 replies on “Benchmade Mini Bugout ~ 533BK-1”

Bro you are straight up ripping off Flossy Carter style. I watched your channel for over a year and you didn’t use his style. It’s very disingenuous, I will stay subscribed but if you continue to not be yourself I will be unsub. Just FYI

Not a fan of the colors. I'm gonna wait for an exclusive color, a modified one, or the carbon fiber version that I'm sure will eventually come out before I pick one up.

I’ll pass on the Bugout all together to small to light. Better option are available out there. Looking at the new SOG options like the Flash.

Nice knife, but a disaster releasing two models that both look like ass. Shouldn't have to dye the scales. What's wrong with black or the classic blue scales?

I am sure it’s awesome but it’s small and expensive. It’s good looking the white and black contrast is cool looking. Thanks for sharing

Love the storm trooper look, but this one is probably not for me. Too small for my hands. Thanks for the video!

It’s blade is only about 1/4” shorter than a standard Bugout, but that does place it under 3” and that is important for many jurisdictions.

My local knife shop sells all these name brands for much cheaper than any website. I got my full size bugout for $95

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