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Benchmade 940 Osborne Review: Hall of Fame EDC Folding Knife

Here’s my rather comprehensive review and discussion of the venerable and outstanding Benchmade 940 Osborne Axis folder. There are many reasons this blade has achieved the level of renown it has, and it lives up to its reputation. Though some have questioned its value at its price point, as well as its strength and cutting ability, in my eyes and hands, it’s worth every penny. Enjoy the review, gang :). Grace and Peace…

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Almost 6 years later and they're both arguably the best two EDC knives available. Unfortunately, both have gone up in price considerably, without improved blade steels.

Dear ApostleP i recently found your channel and in so doing have bought a spyderco pm2, benchmade 940, and an Edge Pro apex! Just curious as to what angles do you sharpen these 2 at? Love you stuff sir and God bless

My grandpa left me some money and it started burning a hole in my pocket. Wow the 940-2 really is the real deal. One of the best pocket knives I have even owned. Literally a game changer and a life changer.
I used a German made K55K for years. Heck for the price of a 940-2 I could buy at least 4 of those in top factory offering.
Thought about some of my other kids but, Mike is my favorite. So all for one in my book these days. Kids are like cars. You gotta have 4 or 5 till you have one you like.

Got the money for the clone . After the let down on the crooked river I feel fully justified for getting the clone !

What is your thoughts on the griptilian or benchmade as a whole company? I know their price point is high and quality control could be better, but it seems like there’s virtually no end to what they will do for customer service.

Years later this little sucker costs around $250 in Europe, why I haven't bought it years ago? Not sure, ehhh

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