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Near Perfect Japanese Knife – Seasoned to Perfection

How to season Miybai Birchwood Japanese chef knife handle to perfection to be waterproof using raw linseed oil and varnish and mineral spirits used in video below
miyabi chef
raw linseed
mineral spirits

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19 replies on “Near Perfect Japanese Knife – Seasoned to Perfection”

I fell in love with the Birchwood the first time I saw it, but don't really NEED it! Now, if I were to get one, I'd have to decide between that really light handle that I liked, or one with more richness. Tough choice! Thanks as always!

Thank you for sharing this with us. I own five such knives and was thing if using just pure mineral oil. Your idea seems much better and will surly give it a try.

Trying to get a stainless nakiri for a friend as a gift who is not that familiar with knives, so I am looking for something basic. Any suggestions?

I recently picked up a deal on the Miyabi Mizu nakiri and "slicer" (sujihiki) to complement the Blue #2 Ryky/Sakai wa-gyuto I bought from you. Wow, are those amazing cutters! From what I know, it's the same blade as these birchwood Miyabis, but with composite handles. Not as beautiful as the birchwood or nearly as handsome as the Sakai, but great knives to add to my collection.

The process and chem recipe reminds me of French polishing for furniture, featured on some of Clicksprings videos. I believe that exact recipe may not be food safe, but the effect is strikingly similar. Duly noted for future reference. Thanks Riki!

Thank you, have you ever had the experience of using an Ulu, it's an Inuit knife. Thank you I love this channel

Love your stuff !!!! Please review work sharp ken onion with knife grinder attachment and get a 18” leather strop belt to test

It is nice to see how to improve and sharpening videos 🙂 I was wondering about a "to show" how to use Japanese traditional knives like Deba, nakiri, yanagi, and honesuki. Or a introductory series that shows these knives in action and their pros and cons. Such special purpose knives could be interesting in a western kitchen:) I would like to see how to sharpen single edge traditional blades 🙂 Also cleavers, chinese chef knife etc 🙂 All of you content is great 🙂

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