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Schrade SCHF56L Bushcraft Knife Review – Tale of the Broken Blade

So I broke the first SHCF56L bushcraft knife Schrade sent me while trying some left handed knife throwing…I mean balance testing. In this video I talk about what we think happened and do some hard use knife testing on the replacement they sent me.

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18 replies on “Schrade SCHF56L Bushcraft Knife Review – Tale of the Broken Blade”

Brian You show Your Integrety by showing the issues that You come up against when You Test Products . I am sure many would not show issues when they happen to the extent that You do ! ( Balance etc )

I watched a different person baton his Schrade, with TPE scales, where he pounded on the end of handle, and he broke pieces of the scale off. The tpe is laminated to a plastic layer underneath. The micarta scales are tougher.

When you hit your thumb like that my wife chuckled. If yo whack yourself in the ankle right quick that thumb will stop hurting.

I dont think they are telling the truth about the "sample batch" heat treat. do a little digging and you will find tons of incedents where these broke during normal use such as batonning, with the production versions of this knife. i have also heard allot of people saying they cant get it sharp, another indication of improper ht. Is this knife made in china? that might be the problem. i have an schf42d that is made in tiawan and its pretty good, no complaints esp for the price.

ive always considered shrade a garbage brand, but i see they are trying to change that image. i got an schf9n because of good reviews, the thing is the worst most uncomfortable blunt piece of garbage ive ever held, i cant believe anyone could even pick it up without instantly realizing its got terrible erogonimics.

aside from the aparent hit and miss heat treat on this knife, i wish shrade would offer this in a ffg instead of a hollow saber grind, its way too thick and steep for bushcraft use imo. the schf42d ive been pretty impressed with it for the price. i would prefer this handle shape however and the micarta version would be nice too, with the plastic sheath (although aparently there are some.qc issues there too). the leather one with the schf42d is good but i dont like the snap loop, i already cut it off accedentally and had to make a new one. i also dont like.the stupid swept plunge line on that one that gets in the way of my sharpening.

I reprofiled it to 25° included and its held up fine, can get tree topping edges on it easily and the edge lasts decently, cross grain batonning etc. the factory edge is waaay to steep however, its not verry useable untill reprofiled. im afraid id find this one too thick and steep as well, and i dont know if that hollow saber would even let me reprofile to 25 without making it a scandi.

shrade has some good ideas and they are trying to change their image. what they need is consistant, useable practical designs and they really need to get ther ht qc up to par, people are potentially buying these knives to rely their lives on, you cant have them breaking from light batonning. no knife this thick and short should ever break with normal or even abusive use

Hey Brian! Yes absolutely makes sense about the heat treat process. Before I got on the disabled list…lol… I was a machinist and I totally get that. Great video! I agree torture test do have their place but it makes me cringe when people do it. If the consumer purchases a knife and uses it as intended it'll last a lifetime……but obviously not all knives are "all purpose". The great part of that is…..WE GET TO GET MORE KNIVES!!!!! I love knives too so this makes me happy. As always Best of all things to you and yours……

Great video! I grew up with Schrade knives, and have great memories with them. Even though Taylor makes them now, I still love them.

Thanks for the video I don't like to beat up a good 👍 knife 🔪 knives are part of my life in and out of the woods like my camping gear😌😁

Brian you weakened the baton when you hit your thumb, lol,, I like Shrade also and I'm going to add this knife to my belt,, thanks, love your channel wear gloves,,lol

I’ve had 3 fails from Schrade on 3 different products. One was the big Schbolo. Guess how? Batonning a small log with a smaller log. Ended up with a 3 piece blade. Yup, 3! Schrade has good ideas and designs then usually flushes them down the crapper with low end entry level steel. I’ve seen a lot of Schrade products besides my own, fail drastically. To their credit, they did replace them but now I no longer use them for fear it’ll happen again. I’ve def moved onward and upward.

12/03/17 … just last night , on an overnighter , i broke my favorite knife .
wasn't a fancy expensive knife … just an old Buck .
but it gave way while batoning some seasoned wild cherry . broke off right in front of the handle scales .

now i have a reason to justify spending money on a real good knife .
( bought the Buck a few years ago at a flea market … paid $8.00 )

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