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Randy's Throwing Knife Review | Destiny 2 Shadowkeep Legendary Scout Rifle

Randy’s throwing knife, the legendary Ritual weapon Scout Rifle in Destiny 2 Shadowkeep, Season of the Undying. You get this gun by completing the quest, reconnaissance by fire, available through Shaxx. Today we are going to talk about the archetype, it’s perks, how the weapon performs in the crucible, if it is worth the grind and a very useful tip at the end how to get it as fast as possible!

So this is a Rapid Fire Scout Rifle, like for example the Black Scorpion. It has a Rate of Fire of 260 with an impact of 45. This Archetype does not have the highest TTK of the scout rifles, that would be the High Impact Scout Rifles. The optimal TTK is 0.9 Seconds, with 3 crits and 2 body’s, so it is kinda forgiving. What makes it interesting is the fact that it does 47 damage to the head and is capable of 4 shotting enemies if their resilience is 2 or lower. Every Guardian with a resilience of 3 or higher will take you 5 shots regardless. The range is 31 but I find it does not make that much of a difference. But now comes the interesting part.

The perks
I noticed far too late that this gun is able to fire full auto and that is really a good thing because after playing with it for a while, my fingers were starting to hurt a bit.

After that it has Fluted Barrel, it increases your handling speed and stability.

Extended mag, giving you 19 bullets in the mag but slower reload.

Rapid hit, increase reload speed and stability on precision hits.

Snapshot, faster aiming down sights.

Zen moment, causing damage with this weapon increases stability.

Kill clip, reloading after a kill grants bonus damage.

So in my humble opinion, there is 2 different way to go on this weapon.
One is, the combination of snapshot and zen moment for very fasting aiming down sight and great stability.

And my personal favorite, Rapid hit combined with Kill Clip. Rapid hit will make sure your reload will be fast enough so you can get back into the fight as soon as possible. And Kill Clip for giving you the possibility to increase your TTK with the bonus damage. The headshot damage will go from 47 to 63 and you will be able to 3 shot guardians with a resilience of 3 or less, or 4 shot everything above that, making it very potent. The only problem is, does is trigger enough to make a difference. I would say it does, but the other option is great as well.

How does it perform?
Let’s go into the crucible and see how it performs.

Is it worth the grind?
The grind is long and sometimes frustrating if you don’t enjoy scouts. But if you do and you like playing crucible it is worth it. The gun feels amazing and in certain situations performs really well!

The useful tip
In my experience, the 300 scout rifle kills takes you a while but not that hard. The 2.100 Glory earned is not that hard as well because you won’t lose points if you lose a game.

But the enemies defeated and medals take you forever. But there is a faster way. I don’t know why but the Cold Fusion medal gives you way more than any other medal. So what you need to do is, grab your best Fusion Rifle, I used the Erentill, and go for multi-kills. 2 is enough and you will get the medal. Getting a few of those medals a game will make you complete the quest in no time, believe me!

So that was my Randy’s Throwing Knife review, I hope you enjoyed and found it useful. If you did, a like and subscribe would be very much appreciated. Good luck Guardians!

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