$20 Dollar Store Survival Kit – 7 Day Survival Challenge – The Build

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20 Dollar Store Survival Items under $20 Total! Are there more than this? Sure. But that is the fun for A $20 Budget Survival Kit!

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DropForgedSurvival says:

How would you spend the Same $20 inside a Dollar Store for Survival Items? VOTE ON THIS CHALLENGE! Voting POLL IN MY COMMUNITY TAB!

G G says:

You guys better start hitting the Like button up top, because i can't be the only one that wants to see this crap kit get used outdoors for 7 days!

Iron Polux says:

Hit that like button!!!

Linda Wright says:

Dollar stores do not carry water purification tablets or water filters or headlamps or lightweight nesting camp cookware so you really cannot depend upon a dollar store as the only source to outfit yourself with all the basic items you would carry in a lightweight survival/camping backpack. The dollar stores definitely would be an inexpensive source for bar soap, butane lighters, birthday candles (fire starting), lawn trash bags (rain poncho, tent, ground cloth), petroleum jelly, lip balm, sunblock, all sorts of high-energy no-cook food (trail bars, nuts, jerky, hard candy, tuna salad + crackers packs), cheap men's socks, cheap generic OTC painkillers and antihistamines, Gatorade drinks in the reusable sports bottle, small bottles of hand sanitizer gel, rolls of aluminum foil (for cooking in campfire coals), Sharpie markers and glow sticks/glow products for trail marking. They also carry small jars of freeze-dried coffee that you could re-pack in a Zip-Lock bag if you must have your morning brew.

Boatts says:

You should have bought a candle also.

Gray Man Outdoors says:

Looks like great choices from what you had to pick from. Any length challenge would be cool to see.

Hudson Spicer says:

You to review bio lite stove 2

young sheep says:

Hey for the trash bag it could also be filled with leaves or some kind of insulation and used as a sleeping bag

photoboy154 says:

I want to see these used in the wild! Question… What do you have attached to your necklace on the side by your neck?

Mark Florenzen says:

10days good luck bro how you gonna get your food ?

Matthew Brown says:

As part of my lectures I ask the delegates to produce a survival kit without spending money with just what they can find at home. This gets people thinking of multi-use items. G'day from Sydney, Australia

Brandon Bailey says:

I would like to see what you guys can do with it I love new ideas and the content thanks guys keep it up

Brian Lejeune says:

even if you don't get 5k likes pleas do it for at least 3 or 4 days pleas i relay got to see it dun man

hellochunn says:

Now go "camping"

yellow moon tonkawa native says:

Is your wife part native

Roddin and Racin says:

Do the trip!

Sam Johnson says:

Want to see the 7days for sure

Half Pace Outdoors says:

I have a vote to see the survival challenge on this one! AWESOME AWESOME stuff!

Half Pace Outdoors says:

Dude you're crazy! I love it!!!

Marc Walker says:

Instead of covers what about a roll of aluminium foil? Available at dollar store?

William baird says:

Some advice on the cheap swiss army style knife. Sharpen it. They come as dull as a butter knife. I've kept one in my glove box for years as an emergency can opener. I also prefer the 6×4 blue tarp they sell. Less tearing in the wind.

Haxin Dog says:

You need to try to survive with a machete or kukri only. That would be awesome.

Mister Myxlplyx says:

I'll buy 20 items you review if you do a 14 day excursion.

Byakko says:

Wonder if i am the only one hate ppl returning stuff not to the original place, but random location near by. 🤷🏻‍♀️

HQCOMMS65 says:

two bread tins would be better as you can put one upside down on the other as a lid !

SlowmovingGiant says:

i would have gone for the orange paracord- easier to see if you drop say a lanyard, can use the outer case as a trail/signal marker on trees etc.

1tent 1rod says:

Can very body subscribe to my channel it’s all about camping fishing survival and bush craft and I would really appreciate it if you subscribed

Rev Wolf says:

Check the label on the bandanas. Probably not 100% cotton. The ones at my dollar tree aren't.

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