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Microtech HALO VI OTF Knife Review – Jack Bauer's Knife!

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Let’s take a look at the greatest automatic knife of our time! It’s big, it’s ridiculous, Jack Bauer carried one, and there has never been a finer OTF ever produced.

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14 replies on “Microtech HALO VI OTF Knife Review – Jack Bauer's Knife!”

Dude it’s so hard for me to justify that cost. It’s such a rip off in terms of parts used. Coolness factor is only thing driving the price.

I got halo 6 cyper 2 ultratech I'd rather sell my guns than my microtech s and I'd never sell my guns but microtech is so collectable safe full of glocks and Smith & wessons are a dime a dozen

I don't like the arthritic shape of the handle very much. I wish it were just a touch more angular (read: less ergonomic). I also might even want an even larger one, say 5.5 inches (gasp!)????

I don’t understand the Uber-Gucci knife market, personally. For what companies charge for these things, you can accomplish most of another AR build, buy a new pistol, or get enough ammo to train and level up a couple times. My EDC knife was $80 and that’s about the limit of what I’ll spend on a knife.

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