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Scubapro K5 Knife Review

Scubapro K5 Knife Review
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The Scubapro K5 Knife has an 11cm stainless steel blade with fine hollow ground cutting edge, opposite serrated edge and a notch for line cutting. Ergonomically contoured handle: Well in hand with gloved or bare hands. Injection moulded sheath and two quick buckles straps: Includes double safety system. Quick-adjusting straps allows a diver to quickly position knife on calf, thigh or forearm. Eyelet on the top of the handle to attach a safety lanyard.



K5 Knife

Presenter(s): Mark Newman
Writer(s): Mark Newman
Editor(s): Shaun Johnson

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2 replies on “Scubapro K5 Knife Review”

I have a TUSA titanium knife… do a review on that, maybe too big, sheath, but man… what a great knife… cheers! Happy diving!
I just did a diving weekend at Lake Pheonix in VA, USA, a special Scuba Diver Exclusive Lake, VERY FUN DIVING!!! as you drive in, there is a sign saying: "Breathe, relax, You're home" (with a diver silhouette pic) Immediately Making ANY DIVER feel GREAT!.
I'm doing my Intro to tec diving course, diving FULL DIR. Also, at Oct 14th, thats my 1 year mark since I got 1st scuba certified. 39 dives in my first YEAR!… I now have full recreational kit, and all the hoses for my tec reg set up, but no backplate yet, I'm mastering skills at a UTD course, learning all the skills needed for the best diver. Had to buy tec fins and new hoses. YES I GO HARDCORE INTO IT.
Watching your channel everyday helps me stay focused. thank You! and
THIS CHANNEL is imporant for OUR Community. I watch like and comment everyday. LOL PLEASE? … LOL you guys are awesome!!!

I recently had to cut some damaged sections out of the mooring lines for my boat. The nearest thing to use was the dive knife in my BC which was on the pontoon being aired. I soon realised that inspite of it being very sharp it took a lot more effort to cur the ropes than I expected and I also realised that a double edged knife is a bit of a hazard as when you are holding a loop of rope the non-cutting edge can easily cut the side of your finger on the hand holding the loop…. So I am now considering shears and/or a single edged knife. Just a thought…

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