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Top 10 Best Survival Kit Gear – ALONE on HISTORY + My Top 10…

INSIDE: Top 10 Best Survival Kit Gear Items in Alone on HISTORY – See MY Top 10 Gear (List) Below + Add-Ons… Link to ALONE: $500 Giveaway is OVER – Sorry… – PLUS 5 Laws of Survival You Can’t Ignore

BELOW is My TOP 10 Survival Gear List (with alternate and add-on items)…

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#1 – A Great Survival Knife (I choose the MSK-1):

NOTE: Here’s 10 More Great Blades:
– MORA – Light My Fire:
– CONDOR Bushlore:
– HELLE Odel:
– TANIMBOCA Puukko:…
– HABILIS Bushtool:
– ESEE 4 or 5:
– Schrade SCH9:
– CONDOR Matt Graham Bushtool:
– TOPS Brakimo:
– OKC Black Bird SK5:
– Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Pro:

#2 – FerroRod (AKA Firesteel):
Big Rod w/ Striker:
Various FerroRods:

#3 – Sleeping Bag
Zero Degree (Very Affordable):
Zero Degree (Down – Very Warm):
20 Degree:
40 Degree:
Thermal Liner (Adds 20 Degrees of Warmth to Sleeping Bag):

#4 – Two Quart Pot or Stainless Water Bottle:
2 Qt (14 cm) Pot / Billy Can:
Stainless Water Bottle (Suitable to Boiling Water):
40 oz. (Single Walled):

#5 – Fishing Kit

#6 – Paracord 100 Feet
Titan Paracord (Includes: Outer Casing, 7 Inner Strands, Waxed Jute Strand, Fishing Line, Brass Wire):

7# – Rations / Emergency Food
Kind Bars:
Pemmican Bars (Meat, Fruit, Nuts):

8# – Folding Saw (I recommend Silky Brand):

9# – Sleeping Mat (Insulated)

10# – Takedown Bow:
Samick (Traditional) :
Spectre Kit (Super Portable):
SAS Tactical Survival Bow:
Primal Takedown Bow (Hybrid):

OTHER Items to Consider if You Are NOT Going on ALONE:

Tarp Shelter (OPTIONS BELOW):
– Military Style Rain Poncho:
– Kelty Noah’s Tarp:
– Free Soldier Tarp:
– Camping Tarp:
– 9 Mil Standard Tarp:

Portable Water Filter:
IFAK – Individual First Aid Kit:
Fire Kit:
Multi Tool:
Shemagh / Scarf:
Personal Hygiene Kit:

NOTE: The above does not include clothing…


Alone Season 3 – on the HISTORY Channel – is a self-documented competition show following 10 experienced survivalists (7 men and 3 women) as they attempt to live alone in the wild for as long as possible in the wilderness of Patagonia, Argentina. The contestant that lasts the longest will claim a $500,000 cash prize. Show airs Dec. 1 thru Feb. 23 on HISTORY Channel.

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Leatherman Signal – Survival Multi-Tool:

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Survival Sling Shot – Sling Bow – Wars – Ep. 1:

Survival Food – Hunting – Cook Kit:

Field Sharpening Made Easy:

Ultimate Paracord Belt:

NEW! Survival Saw Showdown:

NEW! Survival Bug Out Water Kit:

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14 replies on “Top 10 Best Survival Kit Gear – ALONE on HISTORY + My Top 10…”

I want to see Lars from Survival Russia on ALONE. And Lonnie from Far North Bushcraft.
I wonder how some get chosen for this show.

Taking words from the bible and applying them to real life survival….thats not the book you need be reading boy.

The 2 traps that are given, can they be used for your shelter or is it against a rule. I’ve thought of my ten items and don’t think I need 3 tarps

U would not chose an axe coz u got a knife? Lol dude u would not chose an axe coz u don t know how to use it not coz it s a liability u r a fake just like bear grill and the gear u review for him.The prepar out bunker outdoor absolutely nail a review on that junk knife (MK1) and prove it s absolute garbage and produce u r a liar by saying none of em broke when u sent out replacements of broken ones .I just don t understand why history Chanel partner whit a liar and a fake and not whit a credible character

How about a 100lb bag of flour? Paracord is garbage. Poor strength to weight ratio. There are better fire starting methods. A multitool!? A sling shot! wtf? Axes suck. A big (much bigger) logging saw is better. You need dry wood and that is stuff already felled. How about an arctic down bag in a dry bag? Bug net? Did these guys actually kill any animals?

the record for fasting is 13 months. The guy went from 450 lbs to 180 lbs. So, it's a crock that you'll hurt yourself by fasting, , provided that you get salt, adequate water and have plenty of fat to spare.

id' give up a cookpot to have a silenced, shorty AR-15 with a scope, luminous sights and Ciener .22lr conversion unit. Dont need a cookpot until you've got something to eat and the rifle makes it MUCH more likely that you'll have some food ( that gives you back more calories than you spent getting said food) The 223, given a good softpoint, will take deer and hogs every bit as well as the 30-30 ever did. It will also reliably brain bigger critters to twice the distance anyone can reliably chest hit them with an arrow. Archers score on big game all the time, so why can't you get half as close, hmm? The silencer changes everything, especially when you use subsonic ammo in the .22 conversion unit. 30 rds of 223 (3/4 lb) and 300 rds of .22lr (ie, 2.5 lbs) will feed you for a decade, easily. The rifle, with a pencil barrel is 6 lbs, the scope and mount is a lb, the .22 unit and the silencer are 3/4 lb each. A ky rifle is 10 lbs. So is a WW2 and Korean war Garand. 2 more lbs of ammo for those rifles would be 45 and 32 rds, respectively, with no practicality for use on small game, all that noise, etc. So they suck as survival arms.

wth makes you "think"that humans are not at the top of the food chain, in patagonia? There was no threat at all, most didn't even take a bow, nor make spears, nor carry their axes around. Does that sound like smart behavior if there's a threat from big animals?

since not one of the 54 entrants has done anything but lose at LEAST an average of 1/2 lb per day, why would you copy what they take or what they do? 🙂 They need to take the stuff needed to make a lot of netting, used as baited net-weirs and a seine, as well as a pontoon outrigger raft. The fact that none of them have done so, despite me talking about same for over 3 years now, marks them all as lazy/ignorant.

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