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The Schrade SCHF19L Large Boot Knife is a double edged weapon that can be carried discreetly in a boot or on your belt.

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John Cary says:

ambidextrious lol that was funny

jim lapham says:

Only my right headphone works

Tom Simmo says:

It's a copy of the Gerber mark 1. When you throw a knife you throw away your weapon

Tom Simmo says:

Keep voting Democratic party and you won't have any self defense tools.

Syazamm says:

"Don't ever throw a knife under any condition", continues throwing the knife.

Pepper Rogers says:

Texas has made some radical changes to its knife laws. Knives of all types including automatic knives are now legal to carry including the double edge boot knife like the one shown here. Texas knife laws does refer to "location restricted knifes" which means knives with blades over 5 and 1/2 inches long. These knives are not allowed to be carried specific locations defined by law.

living in a desert says: can carry a gun, you carry a gun. If you cant carry a gun, you carry a knife. Felons carry knives, not guns. They restrict knife size and types because of this. Texas does allow bowie knives..not concealed unless its on private land. Im in Arizona, EVERYTHING is legal.

living in a desert says:

Just bought this..

Joshua Tichota says:

Like Texas Outdoors said, the Texas knife laws have changed not too long ago, though I was recently told by a security guard who knows me (not bad, he and his family just happen to go to the same church as me) that switchblades are not legal still in Texas, now I just read a few seconds ago that they have become legal. But I don't think I'd get one just to be on the safe side. But I have been wondering about boot knives, like did cowboys wear them too, was it only outlaws, or was that just a lie fabricated by Hollywood (since they tend to lie about our history).

Colt White says:

Since you made this Texas has removed all knife restrictions

power play 4 real says:

Texas is now a knife enthusiast capital .Jim Bowie would be happy with those folks in Texas.

erictheBaptist says:

I hate cops.

Ege Özçevik says:


Ege Özçevik says:


Ege Özçevik says:


Ege Özçevik says:


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