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Mystery Ranch Urban Assault 24 Review | Durable 24L EDC Backpack With A 3-ZIP Opening (UA24)

The Mystery Ranch Urban Assault 24, or UA24 for short, is a durable backpack with a comfortable harness system—once you get the hang of it. View Our Full Review:

0:48 – Material & Aesthetic
2:43 – External Components
6:06 – Inside the Pack
11:53 – Durability & Testing
12:41 – Pros & Cons
13:33 – The Verdict

Comfort is huge when looking for a backpack that you plan on hauling around your next trip. What comes after comfort? Durability. Of course, these may not be your top priorities, but they definitely are for the Mystery Ranch Urban Assault 24—UA24 for short.

The folks at Mystery Ranch have been in the bag-making game for quite some time. They’re known for creating high-quality, durable packs that can take a beating in the most extreme conditions—from forest fires to the frontlines to mountaintops. And if you’re looking for comfort and durability, then the UA24 might be the bag for you (if you don’t mind a slightly tactical look).

We’ve been testing this backpack for a little over two weeks in Detroit, Los Angeles, and San Francisco, including four flights and the first-ever Pack Hacker meetup—it’s been a busy two weeks!

The Mystery Ranch Urban Assault 24 is an excellent companion for minimalist travelers—especially if you don’t mind slightly more tactical aesthetic. There’s a lot of attention to detail put into the way this bag carries, which you’ll appreciate on those long travel days or all-day adventures. Although we have gripes with the laptop compartment and the lackluster top handle, we like the unique 3-ZIP opening and solid materials—and did we mention it was comfortable? If you prioritize carry comfort, organization, and durability the UA24 could be a great choice.

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In this video, Tom Wahlin of Pack Hacker reviews the Mystery Ranch Urban Assault 24, a durable 24L backpack with a 3-zip opening.

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20 replies on “Mystery Ranch Urban Assault 24 Review | Durable 24L EDC Backpack With A 3-ZIP Opening (UA24)”

I got the 27 mystery 2 day assault for edc. I dropped a 511 Molly panel in to supper organize. With edc rations I have room for a light sleep kit. A strong poncho that is fitted to be a hammock and a swagman role. It's got Molly on the sides and back so that gives it some expandability.

Recently saw this pack on sale at an REI. I think the price was around $140 and I almost pulled the trigger. After watching your video, I regret not making the purchase.

Reminds me of a Tardis, way more space inside than it looks. You wouldn’t be able to squish it all down like that with a clam shell opening.

Really good looking pack, love that gray too. Think I'd have to try out that tri-zip to see if I like it, but I'd give it a shot. Also think I'd sacrifice the streamlined exterior to have some elastic water bottle pockets. Or some kind of side zip or something.

Try some Quechua backpacks like the NH500 Country Walking 20/30L or NH100.
Incredible channel 👍 helped a lot in purchase decissions, thank you! 😁

It looks like they took all the complaints about the 21L UA and tried to fix them with this bag. My biggest gripe with this bag is that the outside bottle holders use up space on the inside of the pack. a 32 oz bottle or two will put a big dent in the capacity. Also, those two upper internal pockets can only accommodate items that can bend as the pocket itself bends when the pack is zipped. Did you find that the pack tends to "kick" you in the lower back? My 21L does. I really wish they included the option of a belly strap.

You guys ever check out the kelty tactical 30 liter redwing model.very similar bag style. Basic but I think a good enough competitor

It looks SUPER comfortable higher up. I got the play with this at our local REI, and it took a bit to get used to the zipper configuration, and I wonder if being used as a daily, if it would get annoying? Regardless, I like the look, and I'm glad to see them in more retail locations like REI. Also, good to know you can slide a Bellroy sling in that bad boy!

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