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Knife Review : Buck Folding Kalinga Pro

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Well, 11 years later and the Kalinga Pro in Rosewood and brass is running $325 and up.

Beautiful knife. When you find one in nice shape, pick it up as the only time they become available under $300, they go fast.

I carry a 415 Kalinga as an EDC and the 419 on special occasions.

Hey jeff just got a new YouTube channel been watching your videos lately inly recently subscribed but been watching them for about 11 years!! You inspired me to collect knives!! Ive a spyderco spydercard if you or anyone else is interested in a swap?!? 🤔😊

Hey Jeff, I recently came across a bunch of older knives, 40's-60's? I'm looking for some information on them. The internet is hit and miss, just wondering if you would be interested in helping a brother out if you can.. any help is appreciated. Mauro mario switch, old english military dagger, and a few schrade-walden, hatchet, and knife. Have a great day, my email is hope you can help. Have a great day!

If any of y'all are interested in high quality U.S. made vintage unused knifes come checkout my eBay account at texastreasuresandtrinkets. All items are unopened pristine knifes from the 70's and 80's with exceptionally competitive pricing.

Hey jeff I came across 2 discontinued spyderco spydercards a while back new in box only opened once to check condition and do paper cutting test.
Would you be interested in a swap?

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