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Knife Review: Australian Special Operations Tool

Hardcore Hardware Australia just released the ASOT knife, and we went hands-on with one of the first blades off the production line for this review. It was our favorite knife from SHOT Show 2015. Get your own:

More photos available at:

16 replies on “Knife Review: Australian Special Operations Tool”

too heavy
and what is with the partial serrations at the back of the blade on all these knives?
sheath is far bettter than the benchmade socp but so much unnecessary bulk and wght
the socp keeps it lighter and will penetrate better with a slimmer blade
but benchmade socp sheath sucks
don’t get why no one can get this shit right on all fronts
i think i need to step up and do this shit right

Australian Special Operations would not risk lives with that shit metal. The website looks like a shop only idiots go to. $1000 for a small knife. Your just waiting for thoughtless idiots to roll in

Mass produced in taiwan and nothing australian about it. HHA steals designs and uses threats and smoke screens to fleece customers who think they are buying Australian made….and they aren’t.

Looks really beautiful and VERY well made.
Bravo HH ❗
I am just a bit disappointed with the single edge 😕
The price here in Europe is around 200€….i mean, it's not a cheap knive and i expected more options about the blade like for example double edged blade and a blade without serrations.
Anyway it's only my opinion and it is a gorgeous blade !

A poor (but expensive to the buyer) attempt at re-inventing the Benchmade SOCP Dagger which is cheaper, lower profile, and more comfortable to grip. Don't waste your money unless you are a Tacti-cool collector.

Looks like a bottle opener. That price is nuts. I wouldn't pay a penny over $70 for the live blade with sheath and molley locks

Really , you think Teflon is a good coating for a knife ????? really You have something in common with the knife, your both flaky in your logic!! Ever heard of DLC or Cerakote.. Why would buy a combat tool coated with a substance that does not even hold up on kitchen pots!! Let alone a real life combat or defensive engagement!!!What are you smoking?????

This is a Beefier version then the SOCP dagger at 116gm vs 50gm for SOCP but much better sheath n carry system I must say !!! Love this … 🙂

this can't be true. this would count as a push dagger (which is a prohibited item) so no this can't be from Australia

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