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Condor Moonstalker and Moonshiner Knife Review

It is pretty amazing what you can get for $45-60 in the way of extra large fixed blades nowadays. These two large blades from Condor stack up very well against more expensive blades in the same category.

Blade Length: 9 inches
Steel: 1075 Carbon
Handle Scales: Hardwood
Weight: 1 pound 1 ounces
Sheath: Leather
Made In: El Salvador
Price: $48

Blade Length: 9 inches
Steel: 1075 Carbon
Handle Scales: Micarta
Weight: 1 pound 3.5 ounces
Sheath: Nylon
Made In: El Salvador
Price: $60

Condor Eco Parang, Tomahawk Axe, Moonstalker, Moonshiner Hacking Pallet:

Condor Moonstalker and Moonshiner Flying Through The Air:

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I will put my five cents in the discussion. These are the knives with which they work, therefore their value is many times greater than the knives with which they boast. Comfortable in grip, ergonomic. And I hope that the steel in them is durable and can be easily sharpened in the living conditions. The knife that needs to be given to the specialist for sharpening is not a knife, but an object of art.

Вставлю свои пять копеек. Это те ножи, которыми работают, поэтому ценность их в разы больше, чем ножей, которыми хвастаются. Удобные в хватке, эргономичные. И надеюсь, что сталь в них прочная и легко затачивается в бытовых условиях. Нож, который нужно отдавать для заточки специалисту – это не нож, а предмет искусства

Would you consider filing or sanding down the swedge to make it flatter? And it would probably have a sick, slight clip point. What do you think?

You probably shouldn't cover the handle scales for a review. People want to see it in stock form. Otherwise, nice review. You've got one of the best knife channels on YouTube here.

I know I'm very late but I have a name for the tactical third option for these blades: The Moonraker , after the James Bond film, you can't get anymore tactical than that.

I really like your videos and your channel. The videos are very well made and informative. You choose to review very interesting knives. I'm smashing that subscribe button and ringing that bell.
I'm particularly interested in THIS review since it just so happened I was considering the purchase of one of these knives. I REALLY like the side by side comparison. Keep up the great work!😀
Best regards, JA

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