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(2014) How To Build A Survival Kit With A Condor VA7 Pack Insert – Preparedmind101

Preparedmind101 shows the Condor VA7 Pack Insert set up as a drop in or grab and stash survival kit. I had been looking at this for several months at Survival Tactics thinking I could do something with it…so I finally did. I enjoy finding new ways to put together kits as no one way will work for everyone. I like this system because it is modular and highly customizable, as well as great for organization. The only thing I could not utilize in this kit as a stand alone Survival kit is there was no way to include a Stainless Steel Container. So hopefully you will have one of those anyway that you are drinking water out of.

This item is available locally at Survival-Tactics. For those not local I have added it to the bags and packs section of







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Hi there, could you pls. tell me which type of knot is used of the paracord lanyard you are wearing around your neck in this video – looks great. Many thanks. Greetings from Austria

Great Vid. Just wanted to add one thing. You guys, when you have bought your pack and put your own choice of items into it, do NOT tuck it away and expect to be able to use everything efficiently in an emergency. Take the pack out on a dry run, and give yourself the training that will allow you to use every item. Do you know how to use that water filter? Start a fire with firerod and tinder? Can you do basic processing of wood with knife, axe or saw? Do you really know how to use a tarp to build a minimalist shelter? All of these questions should be answered in practice. If you find that you don't know how, then learn! The best pack in the world is just dead weight if you don't familiarize yourself with what you have and how to use it.

I don't know if you read comments on these older post, but I'm going to leave mine anyhow and hopefully someone will be able to take away some knowledge. You say you just can't process information on things like wild edibles and stuff. You have a Android phone, make you a cheat sheet or download existing ones on the subject matter and store that on a micro SD card, and make sure it doesn't require internet to access it. Keep that card stored in a water tight container like pill bottle or something and when you are out and about and have to question is this edible medical or deadly pull your cheat sheet out and you have the information at your finger tips. It's time consuming to do but probably will be worth the effort if it comes down to is that going to kill me or not situations. And if you loose 5% of your battery you have options in your bag to charge it back.

Bro screw the haters. When they start talking I instantly go la la la la la not listening. Your concept about gear and training is exactly what should be preached. Shalom.

Brother this was a great video, I lured things for one I've been looking for a dedicated bag for medical gear and this one will work well. I like condor gear anyway but I've never seen this particular one I'll definitely check on it . Agen thanks for your vieo.

Seems like a lot of bulk for what's inside. Would you recommend something like this for an INCH kit or compartmentalize items for fire, water, cleaning, etc in smaller organizers/pockets?

G'day from Sydney, Australia.

You repeat the word "ACCESS" often & you are spot on the mark as all the kit to have is great until you cannot access it when you need it.

I have now purchased the 2018 nylon version of the old USA Vietnam War medics pack. This opens up to a foldout pack – easy to see access to long range medical needs. I can clearly see the contents & could additional items as tropical or cold weather items,

Access to your kit is priority one to survive !!!

Train true your gear! Use your gear! Know everything in your kit! If you don’t have a specific knowledge go get it! To be a sword is to be sharp .

Thanks for the message. Moving to a rural area from Commiefornia. Looking forward to getting outdoors and building some kits. Fellow Navy veteran here!

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