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Grizzly Bushcraft Pocket Buddy UK Legal Carry Folding Knife Review & Test

This my short review of the UK legal carry Grizzly Bushcraft folding pocket knife.
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This is an excellent little UK legal pocket knife suitable for your every day carry (EDC) or as a good utility knife.

It feels solid in the hand and well made, with the blade fixture very solid indeed.

Available in a range of handle colours and a pouch as well.

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The UK legal carry Grizzly Bushcraft folding pocket knife can be bought for here:
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9 replies on “Grizzly Bushcraft Pocket Buddy UK Legal Carry Folding Knife Review & Test”

I've got the Lansky Sharpeners Willumsen Urban Tactical knife, designed to be legal carry in as many countries as possible, and very cheap since its purpose is to sell more knife sharpening equipment, rather than to make a lot of money from selling the knife. I've used and abused it for years, and it's still in perfect condition. It's almost like a very small axe!

The law says a nine locking folding blade under 3 inches is legal. That’s until some clever copper wants to be awkward trying to find an excuse for pinch and pick on a law abiding citizen. The law as they say is an ass.

Nice knife but the pocket clip is far to flimsy. Doesn't offer enough retention when in pocket. My knife is always falling out, I tend to just leave it in pocket.

I got one of these I did a video months ago Wessex blades did one years back too and gave it a good going over . thanks for sharing atb

Hello Steve excellent review good knife but I find with small knives they don't last me very long in fact I've broken 3 in the last 6 months so I tend to stay with my bigger blades they last me thanks for sharing ♠️

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