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ESEE Survival Kit

ESEE Survival Kit

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It is a bla bla bla review… Not show the contents.
It is a expensive survival kit and it need more important items to worth the price. The Best Glide Ultimate Adventurer it's more complete for me.

So I watched this to see a guy read a list of the contents? Can you do another video & actually take the stuff out?

$90 ok well if u got the money that's great but u don't need all that stuff. Why not save like $50 and go to wall mart

Hey mate. Personally, I prefer to put my own kit together. I do this because you don't need most of the stuff in there. Fishing kit- £3.00 main pack content- £19.00 first aid- £5.00 Its also good to know that I know what's in the kit, and how to use it. Otherwise, nice kit.

looks like an ok kit.. it's best feature is that it's really compact… but for 90 dollars, no way. cheaper kit with some modifications would be around 50-70 dollars.

Not like your average "survival kit" this kit was designed by RAT in association with U.S. Government agents working on overseas missions. It contains tools for survival as well tools to help the user escape and evade hostile forces.

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