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Cold Steel Finn Hawk Knife Review Great Budget Knife

Cold Steel Finn Hawk Knife Review Great Budget Knife.

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5 replies on “Cold Steel Finn Hawk Knife Review Great Budget Knife”

Looks like an awesome knife, I will have to check out something with that steel. I can't say I am a fan of Mora sheaths though (even if I do use them every day). The whole thing does look very much like a Mora. How does it compair price wise with the Mora clipper?
Great review as allways Walt, been looking forward to this one.

Great review ! I really like both of those knives but the Hawk looks very good quality ! I think the leather sheath is superb as well. Hope you are having a great week !

Hey Walt nice review of this Cold Steel Finn Hawk. I would think that it will be a perfect choice for your mushroom hunting! The handle is nice looking with that little "tail" on it. It looks like it is a nice steel and hopefully it will not tarnish like some of the other brands.

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