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VSSL Survival Supplies – Outdoor Utility Tools Product Review

Review of he VSSL Survival Supplies outdoor utility tools.
The 21st century version of the survival tin.
Available here:

In this review I test out the modern day version of the old survival tin and see how the contents compare.
The VSSL Survival Supplies Outdoor Gear is a type of survival tube or survival pod shaped container fitted with survival equipment, ideal for anyone backpacking, hiking or camping,

Ideal for any solo adventure, solo camping or hiking in the outdoors, this survival kit contains essential equipment found in a survival tin.

Ideal to have with you when summer camping, solo camping and especially wild camping.

All preppers and survivalists should have a survival kit, and the VSL Survival Supplies has a lot to offer in a lightweight,c compact cylinder full of essential equipment for surviving an emergency situation.

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10 replies on “VSSL Survival Supplies – Outdoor Utility Tools Product Review”

I like that a lot. Fair enough, it can be personalised. I would reuse a tin, such as the mini first aid kit (as mine is more comprehensive) and replace the contents with say, some air rifle pellets if I am out with an air rifle and also adding a small magnifying glass into the tinder kit as an alternate, so not using the matches unless needed.

That looks like a well made and quite comprehensive kit and I totally agree on the personalisation point – a kit is specific to the person owning it but that seems like a decent start point.
I'm generally not a fan of any circular tins for a survival kit due to the inefficient use of space but having numerous small round tins stacked on top of each other does get over that problem partially.

What a well thought out piece of kit ideal for new beginners and for seasoned peppers just to keep in your bug out back as a little bit of back up kit as you say steve you could alter that to your own needs (as they say out is better than now't)thanks steve for the heads up ♠

Hello from Berlin Germany. Thank You for showing that. It ist a interesting idea. Yes any thing is better then nothing. Best greetings ,
Your Klaus Peter v. …kpv…

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