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The Benchmade Saibu Pocketknife: The Full Nick Shabazz Review

Today, we’re going to take a look at a compact little pocketknife from Benchmade with a lot of nice details, and a stellar little blade: the Benchmade Saibu.

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Nick, is the Benchmade 496 Vector interesting for you? It seems large for your tastes, but a thin spine. I think its got differences from a lot of designs. It's hard to tell before it's released, but it may become a sleeper in time. I had forgotten the Saibu until this video came up in my feed. I really like it, but no thumbstud inlay and orange g-10 where it now has cocobolo wood be more up my alley. It looks like a Haida tribalmask on the handle cutouts. I dig that. I have a Haida salmon graphic on my custom Griptillian. Great video Nick. I really love your channel! Fun to hear you and where you come from even when we have different tastes! Thank YOU

Benchmade could put their logo on a lawn mower blade and fanboys would spend $200+ on it. Much better brands out there with better blades in the same price range folks. I will say this though at least it's American made and has decent blade steel other then that hard pass.

Dear Nick… could you please sell signed z hunters to your followers. The money that is made could go to charity? I would be honored to have a knife in my collection with your name on it kind sir 🙂 LIKE THIS IF YOU WOULD ALSO.

Nick beanchmade knifes are over price .I thank spyderco knifes are better.say what you want but I do thank they are better .

Hey man full disclosure…i got caught in a youtube wormhole about knives and ended up on your page. Fantastic btw. Maybe you have covered it already and i just haven't caught up yet but my interest is in an everyday saltwater fishing filet knife. I should mention that the question came about when i watched your video from a while ago " Whats the best EDC pocket knife". How a knife fits a particular purpose. So how about a great salt water filet knife?

i have a discontinued nakamura benchmade collab — the 480-1 in m390 / titanium / carbon fiber. i love, love LOVE this knife. it has a neat little button lock, very similar to a liner lock but with an attached stud that comes through the handle so you don't have to put your finger in the blade path to close. it also has no pocket clip and is so, so thin. very slicey & fits great in all the small pockets of all my small purses.

nakamura really knows what he's doing and i have been waiting for a slim, classy knife from him in an axis lock that goes nice in my bag. i like a lot of things about this one, but it's too chunky for my taste — both in terms of aesthetic and function (blade stock a lil thick for what i'd want in a knife of this size, and especially with that handle it won't fit into small corners of my bag). probably gonna give this one a pass, but looking forward as always to what these two do together in the future

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