Salvimar ST Blade Atlantis Knife Review

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DIY Tutorials And More says:

I wouldn’t bother with these to much their decent but onestly the best knife I ever used hands done is the rob Allen with the rob Allen sheath its the most low profile and is tangle free and the sheath is most practical

jsnowbrien says:

I use mine on the leg with the salvimar velcro strap works great. If you don't want them to rust leave them outside of the sheath to air dry for a day after using.

Sean Han says:

diameter of shaft remover?

Niko Skoblar says:

"high grade steel" yeah right, dont buy. blade snapped when braining a fish.

Obione Kenoby says:

You are Greek originally

Obione Kenoby says:

Греческий пытается продать в Америке

Obione Kenoby says:

Грек пит

Егорушкин Михаил says:

I loved these knives, I would buy TWO!
What steel is used in production?
Tell me PLEASE, do these knives rust in sea water?
THANKS in advance for the answer!

R P says:

Send me the address please thanks

R P says:

We're you are located

BurninatorTheTrogdor says:

I have the SS knife. It does tend to rust and is a pain to sharpen. Some WD will keep it good for a couple dives. Other than that I really like the knife.

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