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Milwaukee Fastback Flip Open Utility Knife Review

i can’t say enough good things about this utility blade! i would recommend it and enjoy having it with my other edc items.

The Milwaukee 48-22-1901 is designed to activate the blade 3X faster than a 2-handed opening, the Fastback? Utility Knife features a one handed blade opening for easy activation. A tool free blade change allows for fast and efficient adjustments, while a thin body design makes it easy for a user to store the knife in their pocket. The integrated gut hook and wire stripper also increase utility. This Milwaukee Hand tool is designed to save time and Money.

1 in. retractable blade
5 in. handle
This Milwaukee Hand tool features One Handed Blade Opening – Flip Blade Open up to 3X Faster
Use as a wire stripper to strip up to 10-gauge wire
Integrated gut hook for cutting without opening the knife
Thin body design for easy storage in pockets
The Milwaukee 48-22-1901 has a Tool Free Blade Change – Change Blades up to 5X Faster
Most Milwaukee Hand tools come with a Limited lifetime warranty
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MFG Brand Name : Milwaukee
MFG Model # : 48-22-1901
MFG Part # : 48-22-1901

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I'm just looking an EDC I dont have to sharpen, this is perfect!! Thx for the review. I'm gonna get the keychain mesuringtape too.

Milwaukee way over rated made in China now had fast back and fast back 2. screws came loose on both blade holder give up in one of them. milwaukee cool fast open but for build quality i iriwin fk150

I love this knife. I cut a lot of shrink wrap everyday and having that exposed blade on the back side without opening the knife is my favorite part. My last box cutter had a second blade like that, but only the main blade was replaceable. Now I don't have to buy a new knife every time it goes dull.

Pretty late comment, you may not even have the same job anymore, but they just came out with a 3rd version of this knife which now can also lock at 45°

I bought one from my local hardware store. I work in the construction industry mainly warehouse general operation, I like this utility knife it works pretty nice.
Buy it now! Great general purpose knife.

I have had problems wile cutting in tight areas the blade release gets bumped easy and your blade falls out its nice that the blade is off to one side witch would make scraping somthing on the flat side easy but the button is also on that side

I was hoping it would open by itself by pushing the button. But I guess that would be considered illegal here, be in the automatic knife category I'm assuming. Oh well.

FYI, clown… the "roofing" blades are "hook blades".. just like the package says. You might want to look into carpet blades… round end and very sharp.  Short of that, you might be better off with the plastic scissors made for left handed kids.. they seem pretty safe as well.

"One handed opening"?  Is there a utility knife that requires 2 hands to operate? I bought one, and it's ok, but the clip is ass backwards for right handed users to clip.

I just bought one of these knives not an hour ago and while I haven't really had a chance to put it though it's paces I am looking forward to absolutely destroying some boxes and maybe a few envelopes for fun.
Also, I was thinking about getting the Fastback 2 instead, but I haven't read or heard enough about it to warrant paying another $5 for a built-in spare blade holder. Any chance of reviewing that?

A real review! Not an overview labeled a review- an honest-to-goodness review. Refreshing. Your speaking skills are above average, too, which helps a ton.

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