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Gil Hibben Large Throwing Knife Triple Set – FULL Review/Test

Gil Hibben Large Throwing Knife Triple Set – FULL Review/Test

Link for Gil Hibben Large Throwing Knives:

Product Description:

The original Gil Hibben throwing knife, based on Gil’s own karate knife design, also doubles as a functional hunting knife. Each knife is perfectly balanced to assure uniform rotation when thrown properly. The most popular and most imitated throwing knife on the market today.

One piece stainless steel construction
3 total throwing knives
Perfectly balanced for throwing
Cord wrapped handles for grip
Includes durable nylon sheath with hard liner
8 5/8″ overall length

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Hello My Friends,
So what do you think about these Knives? I think for the 17$ only its pretty good deal so if you want same ones, here is the link that you can use and you will also support this channel – and as Always SMASH the LIKE button,Share this video with your friends,Turn Notifications ON so you will not miss any future videos! Thank you all for support aaaaand See You Next Time .)

Hi! I'm Hawk and I love knives especially throwing knives. I've been throwing knives for about 8 years and can land a knife from about 30 ft away with 3 spins, throwing from the blade, but no where near as fast or as accurate as you. I think your one of the best I've ever seen on YouTube and I really enjoy your videos and I would really like it if you could throw at some boards with the targets being that of a outline of a person and focus on different body parts. Thank you!

Does the authorities know about this cult avenging the trees you practice knife throwing on here in the United States?

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