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Black Scout Reviews = SOL Emergency Shelter Kit

In this episode, we review the Emergency Shelter Kit from Survive Outdoors Longer. We give you the details on this product and set it up for you to see how it looks in the field. Hope this helps you make a decision on buying it some day! Thanks for watching!

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I love their material but I'm not too sure why they think we need a Kleenex sized piece to spend the night in.
Bivvy's that tie your knees together and keep them frozen? WTH? Are their seamstresses all 80 lb girls?
Where I live minus 40 is a regularity.
That won't be coming with me.
If they come up with something 12'x12' it'll be in my bag.
I'd gladly pay the extra.
A floor, walls in minus 40? What a concept!
Until then – Thanks anyways.
I'll choose the size I like if they don't want to deliver.
I'd rather not though.
I'll see what the trifecta guys have and if it's the same It's tyvec for me.

I'm looking around for vids on setting up and using this kind of thing in a more realistic situation, like when it's really blowing, raining, and cold. I reckon this would be a substantially different test of this product and would show up it's true strengths/weaknesses. I think I'm going to pick up one of the SOL Sport Utility Blankets (with grommets) instead.

I just purchased the SOL Escape Bivy, It's actually pretty durable and can be used on more than one occasion. And it comes in OD green. I seen some reviews on it and they were pretty positive . And it's breathable . Sol makes some good products I have a bunch of their stuff. Hell I even bought one for our emergency car kit

Nice review. You could stretch out the sheet to get more protection to if you use more tie outs on center lines. Seems small to me though. But, the rip stop is reason why I like SOL vs cheap mylars.

Question, how easy is it when taking down the shelter to get it to fit back into the pouch.  Would anticipate putting up the shelter and taking it down more than once if lost in the woods, or just on a two night hike.  Thanks.

shouldn't the cordage be an OD Green also?
if the point is camo why have the orange cords
I am a new subscriber and really enjoy your vids.

How does this differ from the SOL's Sport Utility Blanket besides not having grommets, coming as a kit with stakes and cordage, and being OD green? Is it pretty much the same blanket? Thanks for the tip about using coins.

I have the SOL orange version and works fantastic. In the same token, I would recommend for you to try the UST base tube tarp 1.0. Amigo, this tarp rocks… Simply an amazing gear.

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