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1 pound Survival Kit

Here is an attempt at a One Pound Survival Kit
What do you think?
What would you change?

Petzel eLite
Tool Logic Card
SOG Visionary I
Benchmande Sharpener
LED Light
UST Firestarter
UST Whistle
UST Signal Mirror
UST Waterproof Case

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26 replies on “1 pound Survival Kit”

We really can go as small as we want with these kits, hey. I did one that slips into a pocket (fire steel, two large ziplocks (or a small durable dry bag), small lockblade, small flashlight, 6 katadyn tabs for water purification, snare wire, fishing kit and a small compass). I'll do a video on it. A knife you may want to check out for your kit, that will actually replace the one you have and give you a nice little saw and all of the tools on your card is the Swiss Army Knife One Handed Trekker. It's on my list to add to my kit, but thought it may be exactly what you're looking for. It's got locking blades and is big enough to be useful and small enough to fit into your box (with a little rearranging, possibly). I'd be interested in your thoughts on it, for your small kit. Great job. Have an awesome day.

More of a tool kit not a survival kit. You have no way to contain water or purify it. No cordage, no shelter not nearly enough fire kit.

I think some people are forgetting you can survive 3 days without water. There should be something in there for it just in case, but the vast majority of us aren't going to be lost in the woods with nothing but a small tin of supplies. Any intelligent person going on a trip that puts them in that environment either has other gear on them or they weren't thinking when they put themselves in a natural environment. That's only assuming this kit would even be used in the wilderness. In any civilized area there would countless viable containers around with a little creativity. 

So the US MILITARY are amateurs??!??!?! For carrying IFAK's and compress dressings????!

(i'm guessing/hoping that "only amateurs get hurt" crack was just a joke, meant sarcastically?)

You could add a space blanket for shelter and some small first aid basics They'd be very flat and weigh virtually nothing.

OK, but three flashlights and no cordage, water container, water purification capabilities, or first aid. You can die from dehydration in 72 hrs. under the best conditions. The boogeyman has been hiding under my bed for years and still hasn't made his move. Take my word for it, that punk is a coward. I'd ease up on worrying about him and focus on the real dangers of survival.

runningfoxystout <<——–check this guys channel he is a mega fucking troll who goes around claiming to be some tough guy Bear Grylls wannabe ….fucking troll!

yank the foam out and substitute a bandana and 550 cord in that space, some foil (maybe a folded small loaf pan) and a quart ziplock should fit as well

maybe some condoms to store water? since you don't really have any containers atm. i know you wouldn't be able to boil the water to purify it but at least it'd be something.

that is a very nice kit dont forget first aid. i think you can put in a bottle of new skin. works as antiseptic and bandage i love that product

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