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Knife Review : Cold Steel "Spartan" (Usable Knife Or Gimmicky Display Piece?)

10 replies on “Knife Review : Cold Steel "Spartan" (Usable Knife Or Gimmicky Display Piece?)”

I love my Spartan the shape of the blade makes it surprisingly functional and a cutting dream I only have positivities to say about it

This is my daily carry ,if your carry this for defensive purpose and in any combat situation once you pull out this knife, she screams to the other subject (bring it on baby)

My only experience with cold steel is the Luzon large. I wish this one was still $60. It claims to be made out of AUS10a now for what that’s worth.

Love the knife, I edc it at work, I’m a plumber and I gotta tell ya sometimes your down on a crawl space and you just need to hack out a board or two to make it work, and it’s honestly a lot easier to whip out your cold steel than it is to crawl out of a crawlspace and grab a sawzal

I apologize for the additional verbiage, however, use a quality FULL sunthetic oil (such as AMSOIL) to lubricate this knife. Give it about 6 weeks, and you will have a lightning fast deployment, and about 65% easier closing. I pressure tested mine, and after the break-in period, I have an easy time with this best. I feel I have the biggest bang for my hard earned retirement buck.

I purchased the CTS-BD1. I compared it to the AUS10A. The BD1 wins hands down in my book. The AUS10 is the flagship of AUS steel, however, side by side, and with experience with the BD1 steeel, I'll keep the one I have.

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