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ESEE JG5 Nessmuk Knife Review The Outdoorsman's Knife

ESEE JG5 “Nessmuk” Knife Review. The Nessmuk Design was originally designed by George Washington Sear, an early outdoorsman in the 1880’s, who wrote for Forest & Stream and the father of Ultralight Camping. #ESEE #Nessmuk #Hunting #SMKW

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13 replies on “ESEE JG5 Nessmuk Knife Review The Outdoorsman's Knife”

If I had to chose 1 knife (which we do every day) for a survival "tool", I personally prefer the Esee 4HM. It has a thicker better designed more robust blade that can be utilized for any application.

Very Cool knife Sootch00. Thanks for the knowledge about Nessmuk style knives too. As always long live the republic my friend !!!

When I was 16 years old I bought a buck 110 I am now 62 years old I used that knife for years. I even carried it as an officer. Now I have 20 knives. I’m sorry I’ve had enough of knives reviews. I Have a lot of history behind the knives i’ve been using for years.

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