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Dive Rite Trauma Shears Knife Review

Dive Rite Trauma Shears Knife Review
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The Dive Rite Trauma Shears are designed to be carried by divers for cutting wire, fishing nets or anything you need to cut through safely. The Trauma Shears have a quick release system with the velcro lanyard which ensures the knife is kept securely in place.

Annexe clips on one side mean you can attach them to daisy chain loops or these can be removed and you can thread it over a waistband.


Dive Rite

Trauma Shears Knife

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Writer(s): Mark Newman
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3 replies on “Dive Rite Trauma Shears Knife Review”

I have donated two of those to Poseidon. The black clips that you use to attach it to other Dive Rite pouches break easily.

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