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$1000 Damascus Steel Knife Unboxing – 6 Finnish Puukko Knives Review

Unboxing 1000€ Finnish puukko Damascus steel knife. Showcasing 6 Finnish knives by Marttiini, Roselli and Uniikkipuukot. Thanks to Lamnia for sponsoring these knives for the video
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Ilves puukko (Lynx knife)

Roselli puukko hunting knife

Uniikkipuukot “Raitapaita” puukko knife

Uniikkipuukot Pöllö (Owl) puukko knife

Roselli Damascus carpenter puukko

Marttiini Damascus Stag puukko

Damascus Steel

29 replies on “$1000 Damascus Steel Knife Unboxing – 6 Finnish Puukko Knives Review”

These knives are pieces of art and an incredible artisan work, but i saw some interesting stuff in your unboxing videos before. It would be really cool to have some reviews of those as well, maybe a litlle history about the blades. It could become a section of the channel, just saying

My favorite was the damascus one at the end. I would never own something beautiful and expensive like that. It costs as much as my laptop I am watching the video, but it is gorgeous! thanks for the unboxing. may wind guide your path further on.

Some more interesting info for those of you who aren't Finnish:
A puukko knife is a traditional gift/tool here in Finland, men usually get one upon finishing their mandatory army service. You can also inherit them within families, that's very common. These knives are used for all sorts of things and an inherited knife is a treasured possession in Finland. Almost every family owns at least one, owning multiple and keeping them in your tool cupboard is very normal. They are very handy to have around. They are NOT used as weapons or for self-defence, but that's just the way our culture is, very peaceful. These are tools, works of art, and treasured family heirlooms 🙂 My dad inherited his father's puukko and still uses it and keeps it safe in the tool cabinet in the kitchen.

My favourite knife from this nice review is the – Raitapaita Knife
The vibrant blue ❤ I am like oooo…. Uniikkipuukot did a great job on that piece ^u^

Any European who isn't learning how to use a knife for self defense, at this point is a idiot.

I would have liked to have seen the length of the blade mentioned. Still, nice shiny Onyx colored blades.

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