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Unboxing NEW Titanium Ruike Hussar | Chris Reeves Sebenza | Stat Gear Ausus | Kizer T1

Uboxing the New Titanium Ruike Hussar, the Chris Reeves Sebenza, the Stat Gear Ausus, and the Kizer T1. This is mostly raw footage of the unboxing so you guys can see are true reactions to these knives, enjoy!


Chris Reevea Senbenza Large 21 Ti –

Civivi Elementum – SOLD OUT as of (9/9/19) *see for updates on stock**

Stat Gear Ausus –

Kizer Cutlery T1 –

Ruike Ti Hussar G10 version – *Titanium version only available at at this time 9/9/19**

*** a HUGE thank you to our new friend Chris G. for essentialy sponsoring us with a knife a month 😊 you’re awesome Chris and we are so happy to continue getting to know you!

***Another HUGE thanks to LavenderPants86, not only do you continuisly support our channel with comments and likes, but then you sent us two gifts & your new knife to review! THANK YOU!

***And last but NOT least, a BIG thankgvs to Jef Jewell for letting us experiance our FIRST EVER SEBENZA!!!!

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19 replies on “Unboxing NEW Titanium Ruike Hussar | Chris Reeves Sebenza | Stat Gear Ausus | Kizer T1”

You guys can use the new blade. I just sent the old blade, in case you really wanna thump on it. I gotta do a sharpening comparison, between the old and new blades, so getting it dull, would actually be helpful. Feel free to sharpen it too, if you get the itch.

You guys are a trip. Enjoyed the unboxings. Wish I could get Connie to join me on cam. She hates making videos :p

I saw you guys in the chat on Metal Complexs live stream and didn't even realize you had a channel. You guys are awesome together. So much enthusiasm! Keep it up 👍 Also I actually just got the Ruike p108 today and I really like it. It's my first Ruike but probably not my last. I've been interested in Civivi lately too. Who knows what'll be next. 🤣

The Sebenza is definitely a knife that every knife person needs to experience. I have a small left handed 21 insingo blade shape that is a user for me maybe I’ll have to send it y’all way so your wife can see how the small left handed model feels and she is right the pointed thumb studs are pretty uncomfortable it’s probably the one thing I don’t like about the knife. Keep up the great work 👌

I have never seen anyone so happy while opening a box. You were actually giddy while opening the shipping box the Sabenza came in and yet didn't show the CRK box the knife was in. The rest of the video was great. It was a little informative and alot entertaining.

Sweet knives. That is generous as hell that they sent you knives to check out! I thought the statgear was smaller, but that's a great size! Love that micarta! 😍😍. Your guys enthusiasm is infectious! Love it!

I exist too.
I'l have to tell ya about my Sebenza story(s) sometime, its way to much to type, but unfknbelievable, back in the days of good times.

You are a very lucky man that you have a wife that is into knives. My wife absolutely hates them and she hates that I spent money on them so definitely hold on to that woman brother

Awesome video guys! Congrats on getting to handle and use some great knives, and thanks to your subs! Just wait until you get to use that sebenza, and no, it’s not really a flicky knife, although it can be flicked😉 The joy from the Sebenza is more from the tolerances and build quality, and of coarse the functionality of the knife as a tool. Just wait until you cut with it:) I love the T1, and did one of my first full anodizing jobs on mine. I have the Hussar G10 version, and it does have a great action, but the it does feel blocky on the ergos, so I look forward to hearing what you think of the titanium version. Thanks guys:)

Great video guys. I'm not sure if I'd be super impressed with a Sebenza or not. Since they're super hyped I feel like for me it might not live up to it. But who knows maybe it'd be the complete opposite. What a video of unboxings, good stuff.

I held and opened a CRK umnuzan at a knife shop once and had the same reaction as Kara. To those who like CRK I'm sure they are worth the money to them but so far personal pinnacle is the socom elite when it comes to action and build quality for money spent.

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