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Aspire Quad-Flex Survival Kit | RDTA, RDA, Squonk

This is a (p)review of the Aspire Quad-Flex kit. This is a RDA, RDTA, Squonk and Nautilus X tank. Its literally an all in one kit. Amazing little piece of gear and def something to be reckoned with. Flavor is immense, tank is good and even the nautilus X is a solid piece.

Filling Tank by Aspire: – I use the 2nd option and sometimes thru the cotton port

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10 replies on “Aspire Quad-Flex Survival Kit | RDTA, RDA, Squonk”

Jai, you never show wire in your reviews. Was this when you first started using the drill and building coils? Noticed you don't seem as used to the camera in this video compared to your newer ones. When I post my first review it'll probably have me being camera shy making a few jokes and being really awkward. I want your current level of confidence in front of a camera but you've been doing this for years and I truly do admire your style of reviews for constantly keeping me engaged like no other reviewer has while watching their videos. You are definitely one of the people I look up to in life for being outspoken and pointing out things as you seem them. Keep doing what you do!

I personally loved the idea of the Quad Flex but didn't see the point in getting one because the RDTA was so similar to the Geekvape Avocado but the Quad has slightly different airflow. If you use small needletip bottles it makes it easier to fill when dual coiling but that's effort and that's why I'm so glad companies started updating their designs in 2017/18 to accomodate a filling port on their RDTAs. I really wish it was easier to fill this stye of RDTA!

Be careful with this device, don’t buy it! The isolator will melt , it happened to me twice. Aspire advices to buy a new deck… not recommended

You get a thumbs down for not properly researching your product before you review it. They're not "overflow ports", they're air release ports. And how is unscrewing the top to fill it a problem? You expect there to be big holes in the deck to fill it from? How do you think that would be in terms of leaking? What a pain in the ass it would be to deal with tiny plugs. And there IS a juice reservoir in the RDA mode. The base plate leaves a decent area between the deck and the plate. Learn your shit before you review stuff.

I got this RDTA in a Box of different new vape stuff ,that the store did not sell …..Basicly I bought a big box of about 25 drippers and tanks and such for around 100 dollars . This was one of the things in there . I set it up as a RDTA and I fill it by just taking a unicorn bottle that has a very long snout and pulling one side of a coils wick out of the hole fill it then poke the wick back in the hole . Its for sure a flavor banger ,not much clouds can be done from this but its a solid little piece to play with if you can get one for cheap cheap ,,I wouldnt give over 20 bucks for one but real good RDTA if you can find for less and get around the filling part

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