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Smith & Wesson Search and Rescue Knife Review & Demo Visit my site.

Watch as the S&W SAR Knife goes head-to-head with a Fiskars hatchet. It’s a monster of a knife and a great chopper. While a hatchet offers greater heft, the S&W SAR is a much more versatile tool. The sheath is sturdy, which is very important, and the pocket offers storage for a sharpener, multi-tool, striker, etc.

Would I recommend this knife? Only to those who dig really large knives. I prefer a hatchet or small machete and my SOG SEAL Pup, though for versatility this knife is capable of performing almost as well as both of those tools.

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If I have to use a knife with a hand gaurd (Quillions) I still think my O.K.C. Gen2 SP-47 is my choice over the Smith & Wesson Search and Rescue. No offence but mine is made out of the 5160 Carbon Steel, and mine is full tang, but I think any robust well made knife can be used as a Search and Rescue Knife. I think Search and Rescue is just hype, although I do have the C.S., S.R.K. but I didn't buy it for that reason, I bought it from the video I seen on it by C.S. and for the CarbonV Steel, I have a very similar Benchmade #156 CSK, and it's the same size as the S.R.K. and there's no mention of Search and Resue. Infact I would use either my Bravo 1 or Bravo 1.5 as Search and Resue knife too, and I wouldn't hesitate to use any of my Rodents 5, my Modde Rodent 6, 7, or my Rodent 9 as a Search and Rescue Knife, also some of my Busse Combats like my INFI Ratmandu which I also have in the SR101 Steel. But there is one I helped to design, it's a Cryo 3V, 6", 1/4" Flat Grind with a Convex secondary I wouldn't hesitate to use either, it's a nice robust knife that chop's great for a 6" blade and makes great curls because of its thin Zero Grind Edge, or even my Ka-Bar U.S.M.C Knife, so that's my point I guess. What makes a knife a Search and Rescue Knife ?

Batoning wood the blade guard came loose. Then the blade snapped. Contacted the company and they shipped me another one. First field test same thing, blade guard came loose then the blade snapped. Great customer service, not a great field blade. Just my opinion.
Take Care…

I have the strong suspicion that the S&W survival knives do NOT have a full tang in the handle.
The looseness in the handle 99 percent means the screw holding the blade to the handle
is getting some wear to it. Another video the guy threw the knife and it broke in half
but it was not shown on the video.

I don't know why, but I really didn't expect this knife to be a good chopper. I'm going with the Kukri Search and Rescue which is in the same line.

Awesome vid looks like a good chopper but the sort of catch 22 situation is that if the branches are small enough for a normal knife to chop they would also be small enough just to snap in half with a boot or something

I made this video before I had any idea of what I was doing. Now I only kind of know what I`m doing and know that I probably wouldn`t use a knife this way. Thanks for clarifying.

I just dont see the point in wasting the edge on smaller branches, Should save it for thicker ones. I realize that you were just showing what the knife though

Do you really love it or were you being facetious? If you really loved it then you're welcome. If you were being facetious then bite me.

can you please tell me some knives that have a blade smaller than 6 inches and are good choppers and also affordable (less than 70$)

@mwillblade Yeah it did rattle a little. It's my friend's knife and I haven't asked him recently if it's gotten worse.

Was that a huge patch of rust on the blade?
I am extremely pleased with the video and want to thank you for the effort!

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