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Knife Review : Kabar TDI LDK (Last Ditch Knife)

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awesome stuff. I hope i never stumble upon someone who are willing to harm me in any way. But i have heard stories of people like me walking their dog in a park and getting attacked by a group of people. I love my dog, and i rather stab someone than let them attack my dog and not letting me be able to defend it.

Totally agree with Red Rider comments, Idk if your moral/analytical dynamics are based on just immaturity and total ignorance of the law system or just lack of adequate cognitive abilities.
I'm really trying not to answer in a condescending or derogatory offensive way, and you certainly sound like a nice kid, but really really stupid life perspective when it comes to self-defense and legal moral related actions.

Great shoe/knife idea and video cuttlerylover. But I have to ask you here, do you have any clue or idea as to how many people DIE by those fists you say you would rather take a beating by, then to pull your knife and or firearm out to protect yourself?

YES, there are situations where you must start at defense posture level three and work your way down if something unfortunately progresses that way, and not just go directly to level one and pull out your concealed carry and try and shoot and or kill someone for making a threat against you or your loved ones, as each situation is different. But I would never ever say I would take an ass whopping,  and never pull out my firearm sir. EVER!  As a persons fists can be as deadly a weapon as a gun, and to answer my own question above, MANY people per day loose their lives due to getting beaten by fists alone, a matter a fact while I wrote this there were another few people beaten to death with no "weapon" (according to you) used besides a fist!
And frankly I would rather be judged by 12 of my peers then to be carried by six when it comes to hesitating when it comes to self defense.  And one more thing, It is FAR from "immoral" to protect ones self  from a person wanting to do harm to you or again your loved ones, as self defense is in fact a NATURAL RIGHT given to every person born in these United States by their Creator, according to our Constitution that is still the law in these United States no matter what some progressive try's to tell us! Thanks for the video.

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