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Ka-Bar BK14 Eskabar Field Test & Knife Review

Survival on a small scale!!

Pros: Size, quality, awesome slicer, very strong
Cons: Drop point is good for utility, but nothing else

This is a great, indestructible, little companion.

GOOD- under $40, very strong 1095HC steel blade, good ergos when paired with the handle scales.

BAD- GRN sheath is bad and dulls the blade, the blade designs is perfect for utility/survival but it is not good at stabbing at all.

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Blade Style: Drop Point
Blade Finish: Black Epoxy Powder Coat
Blade Length: 3-1/4″
Blade Thickness: 5/32″
Steel Type: 1095 Cro-Van Carbon Steel
Overall Length: 7″
Handle Material: Zytel
Handle Color: Black
Sheath: Glass Filled Nylon Neck Sheath with Neck Strap
Country of Manufacture: USA

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Sheaths are now designed with a plastic retention lever connected by a bolt and nylock nut. I own over 125 high quality knives, including over a dozen Bark River knives. I use my moded BK-14 as a survival/beater neck knife. I used paint and epoxy remover gel spray to strip the coating that causes drag and friction. I then did a 90° sharp grind on the spine for striking ferro rods and making wood shavings. Finally, I forced a nice patina to resist red rust. I did a thick paracord handle wrap that fills my hand. For the low price (compared to my $100 to $500 knives) this is a good last ditch survival neck knife. Cheers.

strange.. the 2017 sheed is perfect on it.

I know I'm late to the game and this is a older review but I really dig your channel and find your reviews really informative. I also have a bk14 and want to love it but I find the edge retention to be lacking. I have a bk2 and its retention blows the bk14 out of the water. I sharpen both of them using the same method and system but I look at the little eskabar wrong and it turns into a butter knife. Any hints or info you may have would be greatly appreciated.

I disagree with your assertion that the BK14 wont be good for self defense. In the right hands, a No.2 pencil will work just fine, im pretty sure that could end a situation in a hurry with my little BK14 , or my Rat3

I have the BK-11, or the Becker Necker. Same blade as this just a different handle. Kinda wish I had gotten this blade just for ergos out of the box. Definitely need to upgrade to the Micarta scales or do some intricate work with paracord wrapping. Otherwise they are the same. One of the best EDC blades that I have ever used and it is always on my person. By the way man, love your reviews.

Say Heah Aaron, Seriously, I don't mean to be rude, but our Bush Craft Community is a learning community, because of Guy's like you and a few others, I don't do videos, but I do have a couple of 24's under my belt. In fact I just got in from a little trial run with two knives that came earlier today via U.P.S., one of those sign for the packages, anyhow my Rodent 5 and Rodent 3 came in together that's how I wanted it. My first Swamp Rat was the Ratmandu a great knife, steel, tempering (Busse Technology) and ergonomics, I became really to like my Ratmandu, and not just me but alot of guy's from other forums in the United States and Aboard, well the Rodent 5 I think is going to be a Big contender against my Ratmandu, in all seriousness, this is sort of a F.Y.I. for those guys that haven't experienced a Swampie, I really, really like my BK-14' s, infact (they know what their doing at Ka-Bar) I ended up buying the slabs for it, get this, they sent two set's, a orange and a black set of slabs, so what was I going to do with the extra slabs, now I have two BK-14's one in each color heh heh heh, and no regrets, the BK'14's didn't feel that good in my hand, and I don't know how to paracord the handle even when I watch videos how to do it, I guess I'm like a bull in a China Shop heh heh heh, I'm not that bad but I like a nice looking tool besides just a functioning one. Anyhow first the Rodent 5, very similar to the specs of the Ratmandu on paper only, yes the blade is only a 1/4" different between blade lenghts, but the over all picture, the handles are a little different their longer, the Ratmandu is known for its ergonomics, very comfortable knife, excellent preformer, but the handle on the R 5 is a Lightning Bolt style, it's a longer handle but the over all design the way the choil and the longer handle are you can almost do magic with it, multi possition knife, and very comfortable, it just looks different, getting use to it is instant !, I really like it, it's not as compact as my Ratmandu, but it's awesome designed knife, the Rodent 3 is smaller than the Rodent Solution by about a 1/2", a much smaller handle and it's also the Lightning Bolt Style Handle. Looking at the R 3 it appears that it was to short of a handle, I wear large size gloves, but almost instantly you get use to the smaller handle because it's a little thicker for such a handle that even though it's not a full handle it is full in your hand and it's very comfortable. You were the first post on my new knives, Simply TiT's, it's so comfortable that I think my BK-14's are going to have a nice rest, just kidding it's a great knife. I might add I like small knives especially as a neck carry, you know how they say, the best knife is the one that you have on you right now, well my system of carry is such that I chose which knife I would have in a survival situation, in all of the years, I had one serious happening, it wasn't all that bad, but it did scare the heck out of me and I learned from it. I'm thinking of going piggyback carry. I've practiced with some good knives, and I like them all, like my A-2 Bark River Woodland Special, my Top's Mini Scand Knife (M.S.K.), both of my BK-14's, my specially made Skookum Bush Tool which I had made a little shorter, my Rodent Solution and a few others. Maybe it's too soon to grade my new knives, but I've used knives for a few 24's and even in school, Coach use to say, I'm not the best player, but he would always say, "But Good Eye, Good Eye" and maybe that carried over, but seriously Aaron I attached to that Rodent 3 like duck on water, this is a sort of a F.Y.I. for our Bush Craft Community, and nothing else, we all know there's alot of good stuff out there, and these two are a small part of the larger picture, no offence Aaron. I learn alot on your channel, you do some great video's, and I value your opinion. Thanx Aaron.

Thinking about getting this knife for backpacking. I want to strap it to my shoulder strap so I have a failproof knife on hand at all times.
Any recomendations on aftermarket sheaths?

Great vid I love mine but Ethan becker advertises this knife as a last ditch type easily concealed self-defense blade or so it says on the kabar website love your vids you are one of the people that helped me make my mind up on these beckers I love them so far I have the 14-16-2 plan on getting the 7 or 9 next you should also look at the kabar kukri I have it and that thing is a beast !

As usual, very nice review ! I also have a bk14 with a leather sheath I ordered and you convinced me to order the scales from amazon… i'm looking forward to use it with them ! Thank's ! 

Very informative as always! I enjoy your videos! Question: would you recommend the Izula II or the BK-12 for a backup(wilderness setting)/EDC type knife? 

I have always wondered why people call the larger knives "survival knives" seems to me they are more camp knives, the chances of having a larger knife on your person in a survival situation would be slim.  If I am at work and an earthquake or tsunami like Japan hit, I won't have my big knife, I will have my small BK14 in my pocket.  I think a person should carry a small fixed blade of legal length, learn how to use it for everything and the chances of having this knife would be more realistic.  Just my thoughts, for what is worth.

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