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Compact Emergency/Survival Kit for Hiking, Hunting, Backpacking

A breakdown of the things I carry in a small waterproof box when I’m way out in the wild just in case. An extra 2.4 lbs that could mean the difference between life and death!

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Since you have such great basic medical gear, the forceps made me think of getting some sterile sutures and needle. The purpose-built sutures are much easier and safer to use than a needle and thread. I had occasion to stitch up my buddy's thumb in Mexico when he sliced it open in camp in the jungle.

I'm a gun guy as well but I have never tried a pop gun like that. How's the accuracy in practical terms? Have you put rounds over a chrono? The Stingers probably have some POP to 'em but I wonder how the .22 short is from that thing? I'm surprised to see it in the kit as most folks wouldn't consider it worth the weight especially in a minimalist kit. Normally I too have at least one sidearm on me in the woods (sometimes more than one) but as you say, I can at least imagine a scenario where the sidearm could be lost. Not as likely that I'll lose the one in my Hill People Gear Kit Bag, though.

good kit Young Man. I am an old man and carry aspirin for heart attack also. it's proven many, not all times, to allow heart attack victim to walk out and drive to town, worked for me in 2002

Think about adding Imodium or any other type of loperamide medication to deal with diarrhea or general stomach issues. Diarrhea is a quick way to dehydration, plus you have plenty of room left.

Also water purification tablets or liquid,

You may have covered those and I just missed it, if not something to consider

as for the pills I like crush them into fine powder and seal in a straw. you pinch the straw open pour on tounge works a hell of alot faster then waiting for it to disintegrate in your stomach

as a combat medic tourniquets are the first resort for bleeding control until it can be converted to other control means within two hours if you are in a hotzone

great job brother very nice kit I replaced my fishing line in my thread with the nylon upholstery thread that I picked up at Hobby Lobby 125 yards of thread has a tensile strength of 25 pounds very useful I like that North American Arms 22 very sweet

instead of putting your fingers in the holes of the saw try putting a stick through the holes and you hold the stick it works a lot better

that's a good vid. i have a go bag that's filled with a lot of that stuff but its heavy with other crap to, and would be rendered pretty much useless in a situation as discussed. thanks for ur time! fyi u could use a piece of branch in the saw rings as handles to save ur fingers, just a thought.

Bend a green sapling and turn the wire ring saw into a bow saw. I use one with a fork on one end and notch the other to hold the ring. MUCH EASIER than using your fingers.

Great video, a lot of bases covered. I have one thought, the lighter fluid, I understand redundancy, but you have alcohol, you have Chap Stick to smear on your cotton balls, you have alcohol prep pads, all can be used as fire starters. That jar is small, but the space saved by leaving that out could be used for something else, possibly an additional fire starting item, just in case the Bic ran out of fluid. I know you said you have never had one not work, but I have carried Bics for years, have one in my pocket right now, and I have had them run out of fluid because the plunger was depressed by my keys and leaked out all the fluid. I realize being in my pocket is different than being in your kit, but sitting loose with other items, something could depress the plunger in there and drain it, and granted you would have the sparker, but no fluid for a flame. I personally would also include a small pocket knife, maybe a SAK.

I know you would probably have a pocket knife on you, as well as other items in your pockets, I also know how easy it is too lose something out of a pocket and find out when you need it that it's gone. Lost a great little Stockman style pocket knife I carried and used daily for 30 years because of a small hole in my pocket. Excrement happens.

Enough from me, enjoy your videos and your knowledge, these are just some personal thoughts, not a bash of your ideas.

green light is said to scare animals less

also the chapstick, is it the edible kind? I know that my countries military chapstick is edible, all the uses you said to (:

Lots of overlap with my kits. The bolo cable saw can be strung between a bent branch to make a bow saw to save your fingers. It works a little better if you have 550 cord to lash one end but a notch in a limb will suffice on the other end. 550 cord can also be used to make a tourniquet, not only to save your life at the expense of your limb but also if you need to perform surgery on an extremity. Cutting off the blood supply for a few minutes will make the area completely numb without the need for lidocaine or other analgesics. However it'll hurt like hell when you release the tourniquet so some painkillers are still advisable.

I like that wire saw- never seen one before, and seems an easy way to save your fingers would just be shoving a stick into each loop. I also didn't know that you could get them NAA revolvers with longer barrels, although with my bad eyes and shaky hands I think I'd probably get better use out of a piece of string.

The light is green because you live in Colorado. When you grow weed indoors, you need a green light so you can enter and exit rooms when the lights are off and not expose the plants to light. Plants don't respond to the green spectrum.

Neat kit, lots of cool gadgetry, I like the tools particularly. It seems however that you are poorly informed about tourniquets. They are the treatment of choice for extremity hemorrhage. If the choice is bleeding to death rapidly over possibly loosing a limb once you get rescued, "start cutting doc".
Ive been an Army medic for over 20 years as well as an EMT-P, used TKs a bunch here in the US and overseas, they save lives and the science proves that limbs can survive for many many hours without circulation, it's how they controll bleeding in extended surgeries.
For real life threatening injuries I would recommend a separate trauma pack, with a TK right on top, kerlix or similar absorbent gauze 3" 5 yards, a battle dressing of some sort, a triangle bandage, a roll of 3" coach tape, an occlusive dressing, a 3"ace type bandage, and a Nasal airway (and maybe some gloves). That will all fit in a rifle mag pouch or similar and should be on your person where you can reach it with either hand. You don't have time to go digging through your pack when you are seriously injured.
Remember, the best survival tool you can have is the one between your ears, you can never get that one too sharp.

I never thought about using eye drop bottles, or those square model paint jars for iodine. I've been subbed for a while now, you really think out of the box, keep it up.

I wouldn't put alcohol in a wound. I'd change it out or add peroxide for cleaning the inside of a injury. as alcohol kills live tissue and peroxide dont.. other then that awesome little kit! I have one similar.

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