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🔪Knife Review – Ganzo FIREBIRD F7562 & F7562. G10 or Carbon Fiber Handle. Powder coat or stonewash

The BEST place for North Americans to get Ganzo knives is from Power Cutlery. They have LOW prices and ship from USA and you can get 5% off all Ganzo products when you use coupon code “cce” at checkout:

Are you looking for a new folding knife? The Firebird F756 is a very nice blade that I think you should take a look at. In this review we take a look at the two main blade versions, the black coated blade and the stone-wash blade. At the time of this review those are the only two blade options available.

You can go to in order to get up to date information on Ganzo’s latest FIREBIRD and older knives. Once there you will also find that they produce multi-tools, sharpeners, and even a hatchet.

Ganzo gave us the F7562 blades and we purchased the F7563 blades from GearBest. I wish to express deep gratitude to Ganzo for giving CCE some knives to review with complete freedom to say anything we want about their knives – it just so happens that Ganzo makes GREAT knives.

If you want to buy these knives, might I suggest I find that they offer the best prices, though it might take a few weeks for the knives to arrive. If you use my links I will get a small commission and you will still get the lowest price:

First 4 the 4 knives with STONEWASH blade, the F7562’s ($15-$16USD)
Carbon Fiber:

Black G10:

Orange G10:

Green G10:

Now the 3 with black coated blades, the F7563’s:
Black G10:

Orange G10:

Green G10:

If you notice any of these knives for sale on Amazon, please send me a link so I can add them to this list: CanadianCuttingEdge AT

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16 replies on “🔪Knife Review – Ganzo FIREBIRD F7562 & F7562. G10 or Carbon Fiber Handle. Powder coat or stonewash”

I just heard back from my rep at Ganzo. All the coatings on Ganzo knives, be they grey or black are a powder coat paint. No titanium or anything like that. They are producing budget knives after-all.

5:21 the benchmade knife they don't want to connect it to spying even though Osborn was supposed to be a rancher and it says its his design . Thats what they call that shaped blade on the slip joint . But I guess they think reverse tanto sounds ( tactical ) A!
I didn't connect them until you said that in your vid !

Hey Jake. I received mine totday, carbon fiber and stone wash. Very good looking! Opens and closes really smooth. Thanks for the review

Very good video, CCE! Seem´s to be a very good knife with an unbeatable price. My next knife.
Regards from Brazil!

have you ordered any of the ganzo flippers? Also, have you had a problem getting them through customs into Canada? I'm considering buying them but I would hate to waste money due to CBA refusing to import the knife

the tip is a reverse tanto the knife is a copy or close to a copy of a bench made 940 designed by warren osborne who was considered a legend in the knife making community and who recently passed away a shame to call his designs spades lol…. lesser materials for sure but for one hell of a better price. and hey i live in Canada also.

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