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Mordax Button Lock Folding Knife review

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The Mordax from Drop and Ferrum Forge is a robust folding knife with a great button lock feature. This knife is definitley worth checking out!

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It's great they used one of the " holy trinity " blade steels cpm 20cv, cts 204p & m390, they are my favorite blade steels. If you like that knife and the 940 you might like my absolutely favorite EDC blade the knifeworks edition benchmade 810-1401 contego . It's the big brother to the 940 with m390 ,blue and black g10 scales and a 3.9 inch Osborn blade with the axis lock. Best part its only about $185 at
Fun fact I learned from the nice people at benchmade Warren had told them he designed the blade to be able to go through body armor . , what type of warranty comes with the mordax blade?

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