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Quartermaster Strickland Knife Review. And How to Turn it almost into a fixed blade.

Let’s ring in 2018 with The Quarter Master Strickland. A big ass tactical knife named after the stonewashed principal in Back to the Future. If you look at the knife closely you can see the resemblance. They’re both bald. And if can’t spot the similarities, well then you must not be a real knife person. That’s ok though because I’m not either. If you would like to buy this knife it’s available where fine and not so fine knives are sold:

Buy it at Blade HQ:

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Sometimes I buy a knife because I'm looking for the newest dumbest thing I've wasted money on. But not until I've thoroughly researched the thing seeking affirmation… I'll need you to review the Quartermaster Biff Tannen (copy paste from Blade HQ because, lazy) so I can accurately asses which is least practical and most stupid… compound grinds impress my coworkers.

Bought this knife. Don’t plan on using it as a baton though lol!! Gonna use it as a hard use edc. Blade hq will take it back if I don’t like it. Idk we will see. Was the lockup good when you first got it? Lol

You helped me grow. I actually thought this knife was cool a bought it. After this review I was as red as a tomato and felt about 3 inches tall. After my humiliation wore off I realized you were correct. No more of these silly knives for me. (I just noticed I posted a year ago…doh)

How the hell do you open that one handed? I got one of these at a incredible deal before I knew much about the company. I just took it at face value. It was a huge mistake. I thought the pivot screw might just be a bit tight and adjusted it. The whole blade went sideways…they obviously had to really screw down these random parts of a junk knife to even scam people with. DONT BUY THIS JUNK!
I cannot open this one handed. It tears the skin off my thumb. I have allot of knives, some of which are very tricky to open, but this one just tears me up.
Yes, I now feel like a idiot for buying it at any price. Research your purchases and, obviously, if its too good a deal, don’t buy it.

Great video on a knife I would never buy just because it looks stupid and really brought your I.Q. down quite a few points while you were holding it (seemingly so)!
It reminds me of a mall ninja knife on a Benchmade budget.

I don't know how you do it, but you come up with original stuff that makes me laugh every time. Is reviewing it the right thing to do; THICC; Confusion with 511; if you want to chop down a tree, use a fixed blade; I have to replay a few more times to get the rest. Now I know the knife of choice when I need to stab a beer can. Thanks Adv Knife Bro!

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