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Opinel No7 Knife Review

Opinel knives –

Opinel #7
Stainless Steel – (many handle color choices)
Carbon Steel –


Opinel # 7
Stainless Steel –
Carbon Steel –

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I discovered Opinel knives while working as a campground clerk, in the Parc national de la Gaspésie, from 1990 to 1994, mostly because it was used by French campers. A cousin gave me one as a gift in 2010. I do not use it a lot, but it's always available, as I keep it in my car.

Take a look a Antonine knives Old Bear
Line of similar knives they have a better
Lock system than Opinel and Walnut handle is standard

One particular aspect of Opinel knives is quite confusing — to me, anyway. Hoping you have an answer:

I’ve carried an Opinel for quite awhile. But, just recently, I was scanning posts at this knife forum I frequent, and someone had posted about Opinels, and mentioned they have a convex blade.


Opinel, themselves, confirmed that they are indeed convex. I would have bet my life they were a flat grind. I looked at my Opinel, and I’m just not seeing it. The blade looks flat to me.

IMO, the only real challenge to buying an Opinel is trying to keep from buying more of them once you realize just how satisfying they are!

Nothing better for the price, I'm absolutely sure of it. I picked a No.7 up, here in the UK, for £6 which is less than $10. I love it, it's an essential part of my 'every day carry' system

Opinel and languiole knives are two great gentlemen's knives from France. The languiole is 'highly' cloned though, to the point it's hard to find an original.

Talk about coincidence. Just when you post this video I was gifted an Opinel 8 with bicyclists on it to commemorate the Tour de France. I've encountered the problem that in Illinois we are in the midst of our humid summer and I literally do not have the strength to open it all the way because the wood handles have swollen so badly. I know I can dry it out in the oven (set at 180 degrees F) and then apply some sort of lube or wax. Any other ideas viewers? Again, thanks for the video, Jake.

I've had an Opinel No8 for 40 years. It's not marked as to steel type, but it's definitely carbon steel. Maybe it predates their adoption of stainless?

I have a few Opinels. The blade steel is indicted on the blade as well. "CARBONE"" is for X90 carbon steel and "INOX" is for Sandvik 12C27-MOD stainless like the one in your video. I prefer the Carbone. I use my No 8 in the camp kitchen.

I recently rekindled my love for my opinel no8 carbon. I liked the knife to begin with but now that I am getting into knife making myself I can appreciate the simplicity a bit more, the lock is really ingenius. Hope your vacation is gonna be great my friend 🙂

I love Opinel knives. I have the same one, and I put a patina on the blade and used a wood burning tool on the handle to personalize it. Great review!

Yeah, what got me started on my recent run of knives was a YT video on Opinels. Got two Inox Opinels: a No. 6 (about 1 cm shorter than the No. 7 featured) and a No. 9 (about 1 cm longer). Simple, but effective!

And they don't do the No. 11 anymore; kinda wish they did, just so I could get one and say that "this goes to Eleven!"

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