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Kershaw Camp 10 Knife Review: Budget Chopper

This knife blew me away with its quality to price ratio. It comes with an amazing sheath, and is very sturdy and comfortable. Worth every penny of the $40 you will spend on a Kershaw Camp 10 Knife.

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It seems to be a very good tool. We wanted to get one for testing and own use but when we realised that it has a fake, plastic (rubber) pommel, which only looks as if it could be used for e.g. crushing the ice but is useless in reality – we decided to look for another camp machete/knife.

We do not think that adding a functional tang pommel suitable for crushing the ice is extremely difficult and would significantly increase the costs yet if such feature would be present in this particular knife/machete it would add to it a new dimension of applications.

The handle could also be made from micarta or wood instead of this cheap rubber/plastic.even if it would make this machenife or kifete a bit more expensive.

Dont know this steel. Does it chip /roll easy?
How does it compare to say CROVAN 1095?
have a favorite 2-3 "Big choppers" ?

To clean up rust in field use ash from fire small amount of water mix a paste and use a rag or your fingers to take the rust off with your ash paste. Then wipe clean and no rust

In your opinion Aaron, which is a better chopper? The camp 10 , or the Ontario sp 53. They pretty much have the same shape. Thanks

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