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10 Mini Survival Kit ideas using the Cell Vault

Sensible Prepper Presents: 10 Mini Survival Kits using the Thyrm Cell Vault. We demonstrate a number of different Survival kit ideas and it makes a perfect spare battery compartment. Small, compact, waterproof and gear attachable.

Optics Planet

Griffin Pocket Tool:

Maxpedition Malaga Pack:

Big thanks to Chris Jensen for the inspiration

Thanks For Watching~ Sootch00

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16 replies on “10 Mini Survival Kit ideas using the Cell Vault”

The keep to go tube looks like a preform for a 2 liter bottle. Yes that is what your bottle looks like before being heated and then and then blown up by lots of air pressure into a clamshell mold(actually the sides are 2 pieces and the bottom is a third) those should be very economical as they should be very easy to produce.

Olá amigo esses containers excelete com boa utilidade.
Muito bom protege até munição. Abraço! Rio de Janeiro Brazil

The price might be high BUT the idea is great. M&M candy tubes, cigar aluminum closable tubes, lots of ideas. Thank Sootch. You rock!

As a retired plumber I would buy 2  1/2" PVC caps @$.40…..A 6" piece of 1/2" PVC pipe @ $.45 cents so 85 cents is a whole lot better than $20.00……..

I don't understand why people thumbs down your vids sootch, theyre nothing but informative and we appreciate all the work you put into them for us!

#SensiblePrepper  since most people carry a multitool that has a nail file on it, can you use that rough surface to strike a match?? So you don't haft to carry a strike sheet that could get wet, lost etc

I have the cheap square ones inside a small ziploc. 5 for a buck. It doesn't clip to the outside of the pack but I've never needed batteries on the outside of my pack

I am going to pull out my crystal ball and say after a spell of opening and closing a bit that will snap lock type feature will fail and poof, your stuff will land on the forest floor. Or it will snag on a tree, brush, brambles like most ever other "outside the bag" dangley gimmicky item does without fail.
I just stumbled upon this vid in May of 2017 so no clue on price, etc…but I gasped to read price was "lowered" to 18 bucks. Huh?
For close to that price why not get. Maxpedition Pocket organizer or for less, stick in your pocket or vest with all the above examples combined used for examples that fit in this container a few at a time— plus more…or buy some other condor product that actually fits stuff? I bet you guys have all kinds of bullet organizers and do dads that will do the same thing as well.
I think the prep. market is going a bit silly and child like, just to buy or sell more toys…Sorry.

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