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Knife Thoughts: Rough Rider Knives

Rough Rider Knives, owned by Smoky Mountain Knife Works, makes a huge variety of traditional (and some modern) knives. They’re very affordable, generally under $20. The quality can vary, but they usually offer a great value.

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18 replies on “Knife Thoughts: Rough Rider Knives”

Rough rider, its prolly dogs bone handle and they have minor flaws but over all they put out some very good looking knives

Dude! Don't you know how to relieve the pinch in the blades! It will fix the lazy walk and talk most of the time, as long as the spring is strong enough.

Next time you go on moose hunt I pray the moose charges you and you end up paralyzed from the neck down and then you won’t be able to inflict your shitty videos on utube anymore😀

I've owned many Rough Rider knives over the years and I've had good overall results from them. Although not in the same class as a nice Case Bros. knife, they're not far behind…. and less than 1/3 the cost. I'm a stockman-pattern fan and some of the Rough Rider stockmans I own are great little knives regardless of where they're made. They take and hold a good edge and the walk and talk is excellent. What more could you ask of a $15.00 knife? I have a design I'd like to submit to Smokey Mountain Knife Works…. a semi-stockman configured toward us older, seasoned citizens. A Wharncliffe, sheeps-foot & small clip point blades. A blade to whittle with, a blade to clean your nails with…. and a blade to open boxes with. What more could an old guy want?

Hi, great review, just subbed,, Do you know if the blade pivots are steel, or copper as well, ?? (on the moose knife),, (I've just ordered the doctors knife)
All the best,, John .

I am convinced my rough rider will last me my lifetime. Idc what casenuts say it seems built well enough. I don't think I'll just have 1 though.

I do think that part of the reason everyone dislikes them is because theyre made in china.. not because theyre cheap, everyone loves mora knives but i think the reviews would be different in most cases if they were made in china also. There are good examples and bad examples of these knives but the same goes for case.. ive got a stockman case that the steel is crap.. this is a good talk 🙂

Interesting and well explained. subbed (foremost)
I like that you buy – as it appears- with variety in mind. Also that some knives needn't actually be GEC-perfect and GEC-pricey; they can just be good user knives, which is nothing to shun. Good for youngsters too prob., who lose knives more often, or snap off blades. (The lowest price range Case knives are great like that, too.)

I'm a rough rider fan myself. The place and roll they play for me is as a daily carry. After lossing some expensive knives I started carrying a RR on a regular basis. Days I don't have to wear my work pants I feel safer carrying a Case or higher end knife.

Maybe you can help me on the collector knives website there is a knife on there and it is the Schatt and Morgan gunstock stockman Crimson bone its 94.00 bucks it. Looks like a nice knife I wonder why it won't sell……… Also what do you think about that piece

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